Big Brother 21 Finale Prediction: Who Will Win the Game?

In a few hours, either Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, or Nicole Anthony will take home $500,000. Another of these Big Brother 21 finalist will take home $50,000, and one may possibly take away $25,000.

Big Brother 21 Final Three

It will be an exciting and stressful night for each of them, but it may end up being a predictable one for us. All Big Brother 21 Tommy Bracco and Holly have had a comfortable lead in who will win the game, but Tommy got taken out of the game by Nicole and Cliff Hogg III, and Holly really faded to the background, letting Jackson outshine her game wise. Now the new leader of the pack seems clear.

So how will the biggest night in Big Brother play out?

We already know that Jackson and Holly face off during the live third part of the final Head of Household. All week, they have promised to take each other to the finals over Nicole. Despite Holly probably really considering taking Nicole, we highly doubt she’ll want to risk any hope of a future with Jackson for $500,000. Personally, we really want Holly to have the ultimate jaw drop moment of the season and pick Nicole over Jackson, but we’re realist. It’s not going to happen.

We expect Jackson and Holly to both score very well in the final part of the Head of Household competition, and for it to be a close one, but ultimately, we expect Jackson to beat Holly by a narrow margin. He takes Holly to the final two, expecting to beat her over Nicole.

We then expect the votes to go as followed:

Jack Matthews votes for Jackson
Kathryn Dunn votes for Holly
Analyse Talavera votes for Jackson
Nick Maccarone votes for Jackson
Jessica Milagros votes for Holly
Christie Murphy votes for Jackson
Tommy votes for Jackson
Cliff votes for Jackson (we changed our minds from a previous post)
Nicole votes for Jackson

Jackson wins Big Brother 21, 7 to 2.

We then expect Kemi Faknule, Tommy, and Nicole to be the top three finalist for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Then Nicole wins it by a record number of votes.

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See you later tonight for a full recap of the Big Brother 21 finale!

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