Big Brother Spoilers: Will Season 16 Have a Secret Veto Power?

Will the Big Brother 16 cast have a chance to grab a secret veto power hidden in the house when they arrive? That’s one of the latest alleged Big Brother spoilers rumors we have seen. According a very unreliable rumor, CBS Big Brother is planning to copy Big Brother Canada and have a hidden ‘scarlet’ or ‘red’ veto power this season.

'Scarlet' Hidden Power of Veto - Source: SLICE
‘Scarlet’ Hidden Power of Veto – Source: SLICE

In Big Brother Canada season 2, Houseguest Allison White found the hidden Power of Veto. The veto was good for only three nomination ceremonies and could be used AFTER the normal Power of Veto was already used or not used. Telling anyone else about discovering the secret power would result in instant eviction.

Allison eventually used the secret PoV to save Sabrina Abbate from the block, which resulted in some dramatic consequences as the game progressed. (Sabrina came in second on the show, Allison got booted not long after using the veto.)

At this point, the whole idea of there being a secret veto hidden in the Big Brother 16 house is just an unsubstantiated rumor put out by @AllThingsBB16 on Twitter. However, while we do not have any real evidence this rumor is true, this source does appear to have some good BB16 access. So it is possible this might just have some fire behind the smoke. We’ll just have to wait and see!

What do you think about the Big Brother 2014 cast having a secret, hidden Power of Veto in the house to find when the show kicks off?

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