Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds Content Launches Today!

CBS Big Brother seems to be in a big hurry to get season 16 off the launch pad as quickly as possible! Not only have they already released the Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds Early Bird Special, but now they have announced exclusive content for subscribers will begin June 4!

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Although the Big Brother 16 premiere isn’t until June 25, CBS is launching exclusive content for Live Feeds subscribers starting this week. On Wednesday, those who have pre-ordered the Big Brother Live Feeds for 2014 will have access to exclusive videos, interviews, and live chats on the CBS website via their subscription login.

 The first event of the new Big Brother Live Feeds season will be a live chat session later today with a “special Big Brother guest” who has not yet been announced. They apparently want it to be a ‘surprise’ for the subscribers. This will be just the first of many such exclusive live chats throughout the pre-season and after the show begins.

We just hope it is anyone but Rachel Reilly. Nothing against the Brenchel fans out there, but we’ve seen quite enough of them for the time being with all the CBS Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and The Bold and the Beautiful appearances. Let some other former Big Brother fan favorites grab the spotlights for a while!

Starting on Wednesday, Big Brother 16 Live Feeds subscribers will also have access to on-demand video content featuring former Houseguests from previous seasons. That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, of course, when it comes to all the exclusive content Live Feeds subscribers will enjoy both pre-season and after BB16 begins.

So jump on board the awesome Big Brother Live Feeds train right now to save 20% off the whole season — and support your Big Brother fan site so we can keep bringing you all the Big Brother spoilers, news, rumors, gossip, recaps, and results all year long!


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