Big Brother 15 Cast 2The CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show for week two is now over and we have a new Head of Household! After a shocking and drama-filled blindside elimination, half the Big Brother 2013 cast was left reeling. The surprises just kept coming when a totally unexpected force rose to the forefront in the Head of Household Competition and stole the win! Read on for the Big Brother 15 spoilers about who was evicted on Big Brother tonight and who won Head of Household for week 3!

Wednesday night, the Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests were kept awake until the wee hours trying to memorize various objects, stats and information for the Head of Household Competition on Thursday. When the game went down, it was obvious who really put in the work to study and who didn’t. Based on how hard they worked at it, we were pretty sure it would be someone from one particular group of allies — and indeed, their side of the house ended up as the next HoH.

If you are pining away for the Big Brother spoilers for who was evicted on Big Brother tonight and which of the remaining HouseGuests won Head of Household, we have them for you here. But we gotta tell you, it was an awesome show on Thursday and well worth waiting to watch it on your DVR if you can avoid spoilers until you can press play! If you can’t wait though, you can click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out what happened! (You can also check out our full recap here.)

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Week 2 Head of Household Results”]

Head of Household Competition: “Overnight Delivery”

The HouseGuests have to answer true or false questions about all the packages/objects that went around on the belt last night.

Question 1: Judd and Jeremy give the wrong answer and are out.
Question 2: GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Elissa and Spencer are all out.
Question 3: Candice is out.
Question 4: No one is out.
Question 5: No one is out.
Question 6: No one is out.
Question 7 (tie-breaker): Down to Helen, Kaitlin, Howard, Jessie and McCrae. The closest person to the number wins and it is… a tie. McCrae is out.
Question 8 (second tie-breaker): Helen gets it right!

Helen is the new Head of Household!


What do you think of the new Head of Household? Who do you think they will nominate for eviction this week?

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