Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Would Steve Take to Final Two?

Based on Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, we debated several days back on who Vanessa Rousso would take to the final two if she gets the choice. Now we tackle the question of which remaining Houseguest Steve Moses would drag along to the final two – Vanessa, or Liz Nolan.

Big Brother 17‘s Steve Moses practices speech (CBS)

Steve and Vanessa have had a final two deal for a while now, but we know that on Big Brother, that doesn’t really mean a damn thing. Vanessa also has a final two deal with Liz, of course, because she always plays every side she can in any situation. It’s gotten her this far, so it’s certainly a valid strategy.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

We believe that if Vanessa wins the last round of the final Head of Household Competition, she plans to betray Steve and take Liz to the end with her. She has final two deals with both of them, but we believe she really prefers to take Liz to final two than Steve. Now, we could be entirely wrong about that, but that’s just what we’ve gotten from watching her the past week on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Plus, Vanessa has been really pushy about Steve not revealing their final two deal to Liz. Probably because she’s told Liz she doesn’t have a final two deal with Steve yet, although she might have to lie and make one if she ends up in the last round of the HoH with him. (Which she has.) She does NOT want Liz thinking she’s a big liar and making a last minute final two deal with Steve.

The problem for Vanessa, however, is that Steve has no intention of taking her to the final two if he does end up with the choice. He has said in front of the cameras when he is alone that he would take Liz instead. Last night, he confirmed this again while practicing his possible finale speech if he wins the last round of the final Head of Household.

If you rewind back on the Big Brother Live Feeds to 1:05 AM BBT on Saturday night/Sunday morning, you’ll see Steve out in the backyard alone talking to himself. He goes over and over slightly different versions of the speech he would give if he wins the last HoH round and gets the only vote to evict.

Big Brother Steve Moses

Steve talks about how Vanessa amazed him with her strategy throughout the game. Especially how she manage to deflect the target from her own back when she was almost certainly the next to get the boot. He compares him and Vanessa to Derrick and Cody (the Hitmen). He says he is the Cody to her Derrick. Steve says he is not going to be the one “who made the $450,000 mistake by taking Derrick to the end.” He says he cannot be the Cody this year, and he has to vote to evict Vanessa.

So it’s very clear from Steve’s hopeful HoH winning speech that he plans to take Liz to the final two, which is the only chance he has really. Can Steve win against Liz, especially with at least two guaranteed Jury votes? That’s the big question. He thinks he has a chance, but we think it’s possible that Liz could win by default, unless the Jury really recognizes how dangerous Vanessa was throughout and gives Steve major props for getting her out right before the final two.

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