Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out the Live Feeds late last night showed Vanessa hard at work making sure she still has all her bases covered going into the next rounds of the final Head of Household Competition.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Vanessa wheels and deals on the Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Despite everyone being utterly exhausted after a 3.5 hour long first HoH Round, Vanessa made sure she got in everyone’s ears before they turned in for the night. Vanessa promised Liz that she absolutely would take her to the final two over Steve no matter what, even though she’d already promised Steve the same thing. So which one of these deals is really true and which is the lie?

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After the Houseguests cleaned up from the nasty and grueling first round of the final Head of Household Competition, Vanessa was quick to make sure she had all her ducks in a row. Just after 1:30 AM BBT, Vanessa cornered Liz in the bathroom and promised her that hell or high water, she would take her to the final two if she ended up with the choice.

Vanessa said that if Steve wins the second round of the HoH, she will have to make deals with him, but swears she would not keep them. Liz actually tells Vanessa that she totally trusts her and believes in her. She even says she’s forgiven her for booting Austin, despite that being a huge betrayal of both of them.

Vanessa tells Liz that she absolutely must NOT tell Steve anything. Well, of course not! Because if Liz and Steve got their mutual heads on straight, they would lock in their own absolute final two deal. Because if either of them end up in final two with Vanessa, they are very likely ending up in second place.

Big Brother Live Feeds

So Liz believed Vanessa when she said she wouldn’t vote out Austin, and then Vanessa did just that, but now she believes her again with this final two deal? And Liz has promised she won’t try to make any kind of final two deal with Steve.  Good grief.

Meanwhile, of course, Vanessa has sworn to Steve that she will take him to the final two no matter what. He seems to totally believe she really will keep this deal. (Although he has said to the cameras that he would actually take Liz if given the choice.)

So who would Vanessa take to the final two if she ends up with the choice after the third round of the final Head of Household? Well, it’s a hard one to call. Liz is likely to get more votes in Jury than Steve is, so that makes her the bigger threat. But on the other hand, Vanessa was very adamant that she wanted a woman to win this season. She wants to win it herself, of course, but she might take Liz to make sure a guy doesn’t have any chance of winning.

We’re really quite torn about which final two deal Vanessa actually intends to keep, and which she doesn’t. However, we’re inclined to think that Vanessa would keep Liz over Steve, despite knowing that Liz has at least two absolutely guaranteed Jury votes. The way Vanessa is though, we would not be shocked to be totally wrong.

Who do YOU think Vanessa would take to the final two if she gets the choice?

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