Big Brother 17: Road to the Finale – Who Will Win Big Brother 2015?

It is finale week in the Big Brother 17 house, marking the end of another summer of treacherous backstabbing, gut wrenching deceit and abject stupidity. Congratulations! YOU SURVIVED!

Big Brother 17 cast (CBS)

After a dramatic start to a summer that gave us an Audrey fueled vortex of crazy that made alliances nigh impossible and trust  between the houseguests more fleeting than a fart in the wind, things eventually settled down and it became the Green Beanie Vanessa show.

Week after week, with the help of allies winning Head of Household, Vanessa treated Big Brother fans to a buffet of tearful lunacy that would leave even Audrey envious. From this, Vanessa emerged as a clear front-runner and a favorite to take home the grand prize. How did she get here?

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Let’s face it; Vanessa’s strategy is not one that would work with just any group of houseguests. It took being smart enough to, first of all, identify the people who would be least likely to resist her, and second of all, paint targets on the backs of those who could not be as easily controlled. That was not difficult to do with this cast. (Battle of the Block helped too!)



Austin – After Austin and Liz tied themselves to Jace, they became somewhat ostracized from the rest of the house. Vanessa, having already built somewhat of a bond with Austin by giving him the Fast Forward in week 1, used this to her advantage. While Austin was pretty much a bull in a china shop, talking too much, starting drama where it was not needed, Vanessa stuck with their alliance throughout the entire game – until she cut him at the Final 5, that is.

Liz – Liz came as a package deal with Austin. She was mostly a number for Vanessa, and someone who would be impressionable enough to do her bidding. It helped that Liz was capable of winning Head of Household competitions and was willing to target Vanessa’s targets. Vanessa worked to facilitate the relationship between Austin and Liz, encouraging Austin to pursue Liz every chance she got. This gave her allies who would also be a target in front of her and a shield due to their showmantic connection

Steve – Steve was an early favorite as a pawn or someone to throw out as a target anytime someone wanted to have disingenuous game talk with one another. Steve’s early reputation as a snitching “scamperer” and socially awkward geek made it difficult for people to trust him. Vanessa used this as a way in, giving him advice on how not to be so awkward. He also went after Vanessa’s target for her.

Clelli – Vanessa became allies with Clay and Shelli by function of opportunity. Shelli won the 2nd HOH and made deals with everyone in the house – including Vanessa. Then Vanessa won HOH, solidifying her alliance with Clelli. With Vanessa and Shelli controlling the HoH for a full month and four full evictions, their alliance looked very strong.


JuLiz – Once Vanessa and Clelli were made aware of twins existing in the house, they used this to their advantage, and, along with Austin, formed the 6th Sense. The 6th Sense put Vanessa in an alliance with 3 duos, although Julia was not yet in the house. Vanessa used surrounding herself with duos as a way to paint herself as being “solo dolo” despite being the least solo or dolo of everyone there.

With her allies in place, Vanessa spun deals and lies out of pure manure and got away with it!

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