If Vanessa wins Part 3, speculation is that she would take Steve in order to become the first woman to win against a man in the Final 2 (in BBUS). Next to Vanessa, Steve looks somewhat like he got dragged to the end and that the whole reason he is really there is because of her.

Vanessa the Poker Player has been making moves based on odds all game. It will really come down to whether or not she thinks her odds are much greater with Liz in the Final 2 or just a little better. She knows that Liz will have two solid votes and that no one in the jury dislikes her while, conversely, Steve has had a very awkward social game and the Austwins hate him for breaking them up.

The biggest question for Vanessa will be did she manage the jury well enough to pull out the win. Regardless of who she takes to the Final 2, a bitter jury would be the one thing that stands in her way, given that she has built up the best resume of the three remaining. As unethical as how she has played the game is viewed by many a viewer, it worked on this cast.

If emotions are set to the side, Vanessa will win Big Brother 17 against either Liz or Steve.

Steve and Vanessa

Vanessa vs Steve Epic Showdown!

If Steve wins Part 3 of the HoH, he has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that he does not plan to be a Cody and take Vanessa to the Final 2 out of a sense of loyalty. While it will not be easy for Steve to beat Liz, it is his best chance between his two options.

Obviously, Julia and Austin will vote for Liz.

James, Meg and Jackie may feel a sense of betrayal for him taking out Jackie, however most of that blame fell on Vanessa’s shoulders. At the same time, Meg and James love the twins and were never close to Steve. They viewed him as a sneaky snake, scampering all over the house. Advantage, Liz.

Shelli was much closer to the twins, while in the house, and she may want to see a woman win.

Becky may, similarly, want to see a woman take the whole thing and will just be happy that it is not Vanessa. While she wanted to work with Steve towards the end of her game, she and Steve were never close.

Vanessa has said that she viewed Liz as playing Austin’s game the whole time. Does she feel like Steve has played her game the whole time? If so, Liz and Steve may look like a draw in her mind. Plus, she could possibly vote for Liz as payback to Steve for not taking her to the Final 2.

While Steve can say that Liz played Vanessa’s and Austin’s games, she would have managed to get to the end as a twin and won several Head of Household competitions. This allows her to take ownership of some evictions while, on the flip side, Steve’s Head of Household wins came at the end of the game where there was little to no wiggle room for who he nominated.

Ultimately, the biggest thing Steve has going against him is his social game. The biggest thing Steve has going for him is that he is a much better orator and has been working on his Final 2 speech for days. Steve vs Liz may be reminiscent of Andy vs GinaMarie, in that regard.

With their game moves essentially being somewhat of a tie, and with Liz having the better social game and making it to the end with a twin AND a showmance, she quite possibly will pull out the win against Steve in the Final 2! Ooooooh-uh jooooooooy-uh!!!

And, with that, we must conclude yet another summer of Big Brother! Tonight is the finale and either Steve, Vanessa, or Liz will be crowned the winner!! Who do you think will win?

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