Who Should Win Big Brother 17? Our Final Rankings!

Who should be the Big Brother 2015 winner when the Jury votes on Wednesday night? Not who we want to win, or who will win, but which of the final three Houseguests really deserves the half million dollars for the game they’ve played this season?

Big Brother 2015 Final Three

When you break down the season to determine which of the final three should be the Big Brother 17 winner, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Who should win isn’t always about who played the best game overall. Sometimes it’s all about who was the strongest hardcore survivor, or which Houseguest made the most masterful move at the end of the game.

Liz Nolan – Liz was a good player this season, but she ranks lowest on my list because I think she is going to lose to Steve or Vanessa. I think the biggest argument of her winning is surviving the Twin Twist, but the problem with that is everyone knew they were twins, so they obviously did not do a good job at keeping it secret.

Liz did win two Head of Household comps (technically three but Battle of the Block canceled one out), but the biggest target she sent home was James! Sending home James was bad for the Austwins’ game, so she doesn’t get any credit for that move. Sending Becky home doesn’t win her any points either because Becky was not targeting her in the game.

Liz Nolan

I just don’t see any room for argument for a Liz victory besides surviving, and Julie Chen even said in her recent interview that she thinks Liz does not have a chance at winning. Liz should hope for a bitter jury towards Vanessa or hope that Austin can sway three jurors (Jackie, James, Meg) to vote for Liz to win. I do think her social game was better than both Steve and Vanessa, so that is something she can use in her argument. Besides, she is likely guaranteed 50K no matter what happens as both Steve and Vanessa want to take her to the final two.

Steve Moses – While Steve was a side ally for Vanessa, he has played a pretty good game himself. Many will just claim he was hiding behind Vanessa all season, but is that technically true? Not really. Steve would have been gone week one without a Power of Veto win, and in week 7 (Becky’s HOH), he won the POV to ensure his safety again. Vanessa wanted to keep Shelli safe that week and Steve may have been a goner if he had not won POV.

Steve Moses

Steve also won the double eviction Head of Household, keeping the entire Scamper Squad alliance safe and — not only that — but he put quite a hole in the Goblins’ game. If he had not won HOH during the double eviction, John was a distinct possibility to go home and Steve might not have lasted so long without John as a tastier target. Steve’s most recent HOH win sent Julia home during a week where Vanessa could have been in trouble if Julia had won the POV.

Steve was compared to Ian all season long and managed to get this far. For Steve, winning the final HOH is a must and he must take Liz. The jury might not see him as making big moves, but sending home Vanessa and being crowned the final HOH should be enough for him to win. Still, that doesn’t neccessarily mean he SHOULD win, just that he likely could if he overthrows Vanessa at the end.


Vanessa Rousso – If we are really going to choose who SHOULD win based purely on game play, it would be Vanessa, hands down. Vanessa’s gameplay this season, while sloppy, has prevailed over the other Houseguests to get her to the end. Vanessa has been responsible for so many evictions this summer and she really takes the cake for the reference ‘blood on your hands’.

From week three, working to backdoor Jeff, to using the Power of Veto to backdoor Audrey, and for sending home the heart of the Goblins by backdooring Jason, Vanessa has been the puppet master pulling the strings.

Vanessa played a huge role in Clay leaving over Shelli, and when she was nominated the next week she was saved.  While I credit James the most for her staying, she put together an army of people who would protect her in working with the Austwins and Steve. Vanessa later was responsible for the boots of Austin, Meg and John.

Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa won the biggest Power of Veto of the summer and guaranteed herself in the final three as well. There’s no question that her social game is questionable, but she has lasted to the end and just needs to get to the final two. I think there’s a good chance the jurors will respect Vanessa’s game as long as she owns it to the jury. However, if she does not own her game, I think it puts her at risk of getting ending up a victim of bitter Jury votes.

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