Big Brother 17: Who Do You Want to Win Big Brother 2015? POLL

Who will win Big Brother 17? Which Houseguest has won your love and deserves to take home the grand prize of a half million dollars? We ask YOU, the Big Brother 2015 fans which of the three remaining players is your favorite to win it all!

Big Brother 17 Final Three – Liz, Steve & Vanessa

Is your heart set on underdog Steve Moses grabbing the big win? Or do you think Vanessa Rousso played the smartest game of the season and deserves to add another load of cash to the millions she’s already won playing poker? Or is it Liz Nolan that you hope to see be the last Houseguest standing, because she should have been a huge target long ago but managed to get to the final three?

Well, we know who we are rooting for to take home the big prize at the end, but we want to know which Houseguest YOU want to see as the last player standing. No judgement here. Feel free to root for the so-called ‘villain’ if you like, we totally understand. She’s certainly played the hell out of the season and manipulated her way right to the top.

Or ignore who played the best game all season and go for the survivor who should have gotten the boot early on but lasted through it all. Throw both of them over and just vote for the player who doesn’t piss you off and still might have one more chance to make an epic move.

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