Big Brother 24 Episode 11 Recap: New HOH & Block Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 24, a new Head of Household will be crowned in the house. Matt Turner and the newly formed Leftovers alliance pulled off the second successful blindside of the summer. They saw Ameerah Jones as a threat to their game and ensured she was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house.

Big Brother 24 HOH

The newly formed alliance will benefit from one of their own taking the crown this evening to continue their control of the game. After the HOH competition, the newly appointed HOH will need to decide who to nominate to the Big Brother 24 block for eviction this week. Let’s get started.

Week Four Head of Household Competition

This week’s Head of Household competition is called the Invitation, named after the upcoming thriller movie from Paramount Pictures. In the first round, the backdoor was swamped with 1,500 sealed invitations. The first 8 Big Brother 24 houseguests to find a red-colored invite would advance to the second round of the competition.

Big Brother 24 HOH

Jasmine Davis was the first to find a red invitation, followed by Brittany Hoopes, Terrance Higgins, Monte Taylor, Daniel Durston, Joseph Abdin, Nicole Layog, and Alyssa Snider.

Finalists will have 3 chances to slide their blood goblet down the table to accumulate points. The houseguest with the most points will win the week 4 HOH.

Big Brother 24 HOH

With a score of 11 points, Monte scored the highest of all the 8 houseguests, and he is the next HOH in the Big Brother 24 house. Monte and his Festie Besties, Joseph and Terrance, are safe from eviction this week.

Big Brother 24 Uproar After Blindside

The Big Brother 24 houseguests that were not privy to the blindside are still fuming over the eviction of Ameerah. Now to compound their troubles, the “other side of the house” has won HOH this week. They feel no safety whatsoever in the game. Nicole is particularly salty. She didn’t have an opportunity to say goodbye properly to Ameerah because she did not know about her eviction beforehand. Isn’t that the definition of “blindside”?

There is no secret that Kyle Capener and Alyssa have had a budding relationship in the Big Brother house. So when Joseph heard Alyssa say that she was crying on the balcony outside because she “missed her person”, he needed to share this info with Kyle immediately. Kyle and Joseph are stumped by this revelation because they assumed she was single.

Week 4 Block Nominees & Ceremony

Monte must pick 2 Festie Besties to place on the block for eviction this week. Nicole is definitely a target, but her bestie is Taylor (she’s in Monte’s alliance, the Leftovers). He doesn’t want to risk Taylor going home if something goes wrong. Monte could shift his picks to Indy and Alyssa instead. He told Taylor his biggest targets in the game are Nicole and Alyssa.

Monte and Taylor had a private conversation in the HOH room. She told Monte that she doesn’t want to end up on the block again for the third week in a row. She knows she may have to make that sacrifice to get Nicole evicted from the game. Monte must make the best decision for his game and alliance moving forward.

Big Brother 24 Block Noms

At the Block Nominations ceremony, Monte decided to place Indy and Alyssa on the block for eviction this week. Although he wants to target Nicole, she was not initially placed on the block. There may be another backdoor eviction coming our way. Join us again on Wednesday, August 3 at 8 PM EST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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