All Big Brother Over the Top season, America has cast a vote for the third nominee. This nominee usually screws up the head of household plans for the week. It also usually results in that Big Brother Over the Top player leaving the house. This week, America only had three nominee choices: Morgan Willett, Justin Duncan, and Kryssie Ridolfi, because Shelby Stockton nominated Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey for eviction last night.

Big Brother Over the Top Morgan Willett

All the major Big Brother Over the Top polls projected a Kryssie nominee win. Some even showed Kryssie at an over 60 percent nomination chance, compared to Morgan’s 30 percent. It seemed like a done deal for Kryssie to get on the BBOTT block. However, we have seen polls before showing a Kryssie win, but then her not actually getting that punishment (Have-Not win).

So we went into this week’s final America nominee ceremony not quite sure who would actually go on the Big Brother Over the Top block. Around 10:20 PST, America nominated Morgan for eviction.

Due to there only being six players left, everyone will compete in the power of veto competition. Morgan needs it to ensure her safety, because if Jason or Danielle win it, her chances of eviction increase.

Danielle is the target for the week. Therefore, she needs the veto the most. Jason also wants it to ensure his safety. Justin wants it to save Morgan, and ensure Danielle’s eviction. Shelby wants it for the same reason. The only player who will probably not be fighting hard for this veto is Kryssie.

Watch the veto competition on the Big Brother Over the Top live feeds in less than an hour. This is a can’t miss moment.

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