Big Brother 18 Cast Spoilers: Live Reveal Schedule Update!

Late on Sunday night, CBS Big Brother announced that they had suddenly changed the schedule for the Big Brother 18 cast reveal. Just twelve hours or so before the first cast interviews were set to air on the Big Brother Live Feeds, CBS announced on Twitter that the interviews would be delayed until Tuesday afternoon. In addition, instead of a live unveiling of the new Houseguests, the videos will be pre-recorded.

Big Brother 18 cast

For weeks, CBS has been hyping the Big Brother 2016 cast live reveal to happen on Monday, June 13 on the Live Feeds. We have no idea why the network abruptly decided at the very last minute to delay the new Houseguest interviews until Tuesday. We also still don’t know yet if this means we won’t get ANY Big Brother 18 cast info (like photos and bios) on Monday as planned, or if only the interviews are delayed. CBS is just not talking.

Here’s the one and only bit of information we know about this sudden upset in the schedule, sent out on Twitter on Sunday night.

So it looks like we may have to wait an extra day to find out if all these rumors about returning veterans are true or not! If you want to be among the first to quench your curiosity thirst about the new cast, be sure to get those Big Brother Live Feeds turned on now to be ready for the big reveal.

We’ll still be up bright and far too early on Monday morning just to make sure CBS doesn’t at least send out the names and photos of the new Houseguests. The names and bios of the new Big Brother 18 cast were originally scheduled to be released Monday morning starting around 6AM PT/9AM ET, followed by the interviews with newly married and father-to-be Jeff Schroeder at 8AM PT/11AM ET. So we’ll be awake and on the lookout, just in case. But we suspect if CBS isn’t putting out the new cast interviews on Monday, they probably aren’t going to release anything else either.


Regardless, we’ll bring you all the information right here as soon as we’re officially allowed. More in depth profiles of each of the new Big Brother cast members will follow as fast as we can get them posted.
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