Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Last Night? 8/11/2016

Who got voted off Big Brother tonight in the Double Eviction and will be the next two houseguests headed off to Jury? Going into the live eviction results show on Thursday night, we were pretty sure which of the players would be the first to go, but guessing who might be the second to get the boot was a much harder prospect. Especially after the huge house mutiny the past few days!


WARNING: This post contains CBS Big Brother TV show spoilers from Thursday night’s eviction show, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight would have had a very different answer just a few days ago when the whole house was pretty much aligned to take out Michelle Meyer, whether they really wanted to or not. That’s because Paulie Calafiore had everyone neatly tucked under his thumb as he manipulated the house into doing exactly what he wanted in keeping Zakiyah — even though he was pretty much responsible for putting her on the block, and refused to save her when he won Power of Veto.

But then things unraveling behind Paulie’s back as the other houseguests got together and figured out exactly how much Cody Calafiore’s brother has been pulling the strings since veteran Frank Eudy was booted. A mutiny was born, and a vote flip plan and new alliance quickly put together to change the target to Zakiyah this week, saving Michelle, and turning things against Paulie by stripping him of his showmance partner and pocket voter.


Such vote flips often don’t hold through to eviction night, but this one seemed to be holding strong right up until the Live Feeds went off the air for Thursday night’s show. So going into the episode, we were really expecting it to be Zakiyah who would get the boot, but you never know what might happen while those cameras are off.

No time to waste tonight, so it’s on to the first Live Eviction vote of the night. After two short speeches by Zakiyah and Michelle, with Michelle talking about how Paulie blew up his own game, James announces he is cancelling out Paul’s vote and Corey’s vote.


Live Vote Results #1

Paulie votes to evict Michelle
Natalie votes to evict Zakiyah
Nicole votes to evict Michelle (even though she says she knows Meech is staying)
James votes to evict Zakiyah
Bridgette votes to evict Zakiyah

Zakiyah has been evicted from the house and will be the next member of the Jury. Unless she has the Round Trip ticket. Zakiyah gives a really long lovey hug to Paulie, hugs Nicole, Victor, and Corey, and heads out the door.


Host Julie Chen opens the envelope for the ticket and… it’s a One Way Ticket to Jury. Zakiyah will not be returning to the house.

In quick order we then rush through the Head of Household Competition, which Corey Brooks ends up winning. He then consults with the rest of the guys and puts up Bridgette and Michelle as the nominations. After that we have the Power of Veto Competition, which Corey manages to also win! He does not change the nominations, so it will be Michelle versus Bridgette for the second Live Eviction of the night.

Live Eviction Results #2

Natalie votes to evict Michelle
Paulie votes to evict Bridgette
Nicole votes to evict Bridgette (surprisingly she says)
Victor votes to evict Bridgette
James votes to evict Bridgette
Paul votes to evict Bridgette


Bridgette has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will go to Jury if she does not have the Round Trip ticket. Host Julie Chen opens the envelope and… it’s a One Way Ticket to Jury. So Bridgette is our second houseguest voted out in the Double Eviction tonight. Michelle is way shocked it is not her! So is Bridgette pretty much. Michelle was all dressed up and ready to have her exit interview with Julie, while Bridgette is still in her sweaty athletic gear.

For more details from tonight’s Double Eviction show, check out our full recap of the episode!

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