Big Brother 18 Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out In Week 7?

It has been an insane 24-hours in the Big Brother 18 house. Paulie Calafiore went from sitting on an untouchable throne to only a few hours away from a revolt. The Big Brother 2016 scene had been set for Michelle Meyer to become the second member of the Big Brother jury house. However, over confidence and pressing an issue started to make the script flip on Paulie this week.

Zakiyah Everette Big Brother 18

It basically started with Natalie Negrotti telling James that some of Paulie’s comments made her feel uncomfortable. It escalated from there to the Big Brother 2016 houseguests comparing notes about deals and lies told by Paulie.

Bridgette Dunning, Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and James Huiling got together to devise a plan to take down Paulie’s kingdom. They would start by taking out his queen, Zakiyah Everette. Next, they would take a shot at him or one of his most loyal subjects (Nicole Franzel or Corey Brooks).

The plan was almost too good to be true for Big Brother 18 fans. And it seemed like it was…James started to talk to Paulie and Corey last night about things said within the house. They started to make James think that his plan to blindside Paulie wasn’t best for his game. He was on board to flip the script yet again, in favor of evicting Michelle.


However, hothead Paulie had beef with Natalie. Natalie pulled Zakiyah aside and told her all the things Paulie said to her, things he said behind Zakiyah’s back, and the type of game Paulie has been playing. It quickly got back to Paulie. He tried his best to not blow up. However, his best wasn’t good enough and Paulie went on a rampage last night in the Big Brother house.

He got in an argument with Natalie and Michelle. He said some very harsh things to Natalie, threw Paul under the bus, and just dug his grave deeper. By the end of the night, the house made up their minds: Zakiyah needed to go this week. And if given the chance, Paulie had to go right behind her into the jury house.

We predict Zakiyah being voted out tonight by a 3-2 vote. James will cancel Corey and Paul’s vote. In the double eviction, we predict either Corey, Nicole, Bridgette, or Paulie as the most likely evictee candidates.


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