Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 55 Highlights: The Hive Miscounts the Votes, Again

With their pure ignorance to the game dynamics, the Big Brother 20 Hive is slowly becoming a weekly Saturday Night Live sketch. Even after Tyler Crispen used the Veto to save Angela Rummans, Haleigh Broucher still believes that her side ha the votes to save Angie “Rockstar” Lantry from eviction.

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen

Haleigh thinks that she has Faysal Shafaat, Scottie Salton, Brett Robinson, JC Mounduix, and maybe Sam Bledsoe’s votes, and they will vote to keep Rockstar in the house. Of those names, she only has for sure one of them, and his vote will be the one canceled by the hacker. The seems pretty much like the end for Rockstar’s game, and Haleigh, Scottie, and Faysal will be next unless a major shake-up happens. And it could, because expect the unexpected.

Tyler had another talk with Sam following the Power of Veto ceremony. He knew she was conflicted being friends with both Kaycee Clark and Rockstar. Tyler assured her that they were still a trio, and he was just distancing himself to stop the rumor that they had a final two. Sam asked if Angela had replaced her in their group, and Tyler reassured her that she hadn’t.

Big Brother 20 Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

This seemed to be all Sam needed to confirm that she was voting out Rockstar instead of Kaycee. She told Sam that she wouldn’t tell anyone else her vote. He told her to just use the hacker excuse to avoid people asking her about it.

The entire day. Rockstar went around trying to pitch to stay in the Big Brother 20 house. She also spent a large part of the day complaining about Angela being a princess who always gets her way. She also threw Tyler and Kaycee into her rants. Haleigh spent a lot of the day with Scottie, who she told that it was basically now a war between Tyler and herself.

Big Brother Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher

JC also told Faysal that he didn’t want to talk game with anyone. This was a plow to keep his vote a secret, and to not have to listen to his campaigning to keep Rockstar. Once she heard this, it was pretty clear to her that JC wasn’t voting with them. However, Faysal told her that JC just waits to make his decisions. He wants to be on the right side of the vote.

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