Big Brother 20 Week 7 Alliance Update

After the Big Brother 20 Hive alliance lost their Queen (Bayleigh Dayton)  in another blindside eviction, their power and numbers in the game were quite dismal. Things should have been on the rise for the Hive when one of their members, Haleigh Broucher, won this week’s Head of Household. Unfortunately, the hacker struck again, and this time a Level 6 member got the power. Sadly for Haleigh, she could very well be saying goodbye to another ally this week, during her own HOH reign. No one ever said the game of Big Brother was easy.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

Last week, even with Haleigh hacking the game while Level 6 and Angela Rummans in power, they managed to send a member of the Hive to the jury house.  Things won’t pan out the same for the Hive this week, because  another member of the Hive, a là AngieRockstar” Lantry, looks to be joining Queen Bay in the jury house.  Most surprisingly, the Hive and Haleigh in particular, has no clue on the pulse of the game inside the Big Brother house.

As always, both sides of the Big Brother house rely heavily on counting votes prior to evictions. With Rockstar of team Hive and Kaycee Clark of Team Level 6 sitting on the block next to one another, one alliance will definitely be down a member come eviction night. Somehow, Level 6 has managed to strategically mask their alliance and the members to the other side of the house.

Brett Robinson, in particular, deserves an Academy Award for his performance this week with convincing the Hive that he will be voting with them to keep Rockstar in the house. Brett has been working hard on making Scottie Salton  think that he’s with them as opposed to his true Level 6 alliance. Kudos to Level 6 for the way they have kept their alliance a secret, for the most part, so far this season.

Big Brother 20 Alliances
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From the outside looking in, the Hive is in a desperate position this week. If they lose Rockstar, which seems inevitable, they will be down to 3 members including Haleigh, Faysal Shafaat, and Scottie.  If Level 6 lost Kaycee this week, they too would be down to 3 members including, Angela, Brett, and Tyler Crispen. The kicker here is the houseguests floating in the middle. Those are JC Moundiux and Sam Bledsoe.

Unfortunately for the Hive, those 2 houseguests have sided with Level 6 more often than with the Hive. So, if by some strange circumstance, Rockstar stayed in the Big Brother house this week, Level 6 still would hold more power considering everyone in the house (AKA the floaters). The Hive is in trouble. So much so that Fessy and Rockstar knew well enough to rename their alliance the Bad News Bears this week. Simply said, the name speaks for itself.

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