Big Brother 24 Spoilers: A New Showmance Rises?

Since Kyle Capener headed to the Big Brother 24 jury house, there hasn’t been any showmance action, ten seconds or otherwise. It seemed like the romance in the Big Brother house was dead for the season. However, new developments may have reawakened the showmance itch in the Big Brother 24 house. 

Big Brother 24-Monte and Taylor Kiss

If you follow Big Brother Twitter, then you know there has been an ongoing shipper war between Jaylor fans and Montay fans. These are the names for people who ship Taylor Hale with Joseph Abdin and the ones who ship Taylor with Monte Taylor. It’s pretty obvious that Monte has a crush on Taylor. 

However, Taylor has always shown a preference for Joseph, but Joseph hasn’t been as direct with his feelings for her and he has a situationship at home. Now with Joseph out of the picture, Monte and Taylor have continued to grow closer.

It’s been flirty for the most part, but nothing to indicate that a real showmance or hookupmance may be developing. Well, things have changed. This morning around 08:03 am BBT, Monte and Taylor start to cuddle up in the Head of Household bed. This came about after staying up all night–something that’s become a norm for them.

This cuddling gets closer and closer until the hearts start beating fast and they finally kiss. This leads to a major makeout session until the feeds leave the HOH room for at least an hour. We’ll have to see how things develop for the rest of the season and today.  Will this be a one-and-done? Will this become a full-blown showmance? What about Joseph and Taylor, is the chances of that over? Will Monte and Taylor tell anyone? And if so, will this lead to her eviction? These are the Big Brother of our lives. So stay tuned. 

We got some unexpected action at the final five. Who would have guessed? 

Click the images to get a closer look at Monte and Taylor’s first kiss.

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