Big Brother 24 Episode 9 Recap: A Blindside Veto Ceremony Plan Could Change The Game

During the last Big Brother 24 double episode, Head of Household Jasmine Davis successfully blindsided Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli and sent him home rather shocked. He had offered to go on the block as a pawn to ensure Taylor Hale was finally evicted. Taylor was still in the Big Brother 24 house, and Pooch learned never to offer himself up as a pawn.

Big Brother 24 Michael

Matt Turner won the next HOH competition, Get Lit, with the houseguests playing Big Brother’s rendition of musical chairs. The Festie Bestie twist dictated that the houseguests were paired together and would be placed on the block together as well. Turner nominated Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes to the block for eviction this week. Tonight’s Power of Veto competition is the only way both come off the block.

Week Three Block Nominations Aftermath

Turner is set on targeting one of the female houseguests he feels is responsible for blindsiding Pooch last week. Turner felt Brittany was acting very shady and was a good target. Consequently, Turner nominated Festie Bestie duo, Michael and Brittany.

Many of the Big Brother 24 houseguests feel confident Michael will win the POV and take himself and Brittany off the block. Turner will then need to nominate another Festie Bestie in their place.

Turner wants to backdoor Taylor. To do so, he will have to nominate Taylor and Nicole Layog to block for eviction. Turner approached Nicole, and she gave her stamp of approval for the plan to go after Taylor as Nicole and Taylor are besties. Turner assured Nicole she would not be the target for eviction.

Big Brother 24 Backdoor In The Works

The male members of Po’s Pack (Kyle Capener and Monte Taylor) had a private conversation with Turner and Joseph Abdin. They talked about how much the girls (Ameerah Jones, Alyssa Snider, and Nicole) disliked Taylor. They felt that an alliance with Taylor would be strong, and she would be a very loyal ally. The boys felt like the girls in the Po’s Pack were prioritizing themselves over the boys.

Big Brother 24 Pound

They suggested that Ameerah and Terrance Higgins become the replacement nominees for the block. Ameerah is a big threat in the game, and she almost beat Turner for this week’s HOH competition. Turner liked what he heard about targeting Ameerah for a backdoor eviction this week.

They made a new alliance and called it the Pound to honor Pooch and his eviction. They have not brought Taylor into the mix yet, but that is their plan.

The Big Brother 24 House Attacks Taylor…Again

Nicole spoke with Turner and advised him she would throw the POV competition so the plan to backdoor Taylor would come to fruition. Turner loved this idea because that’s another person he doesn’t have to beat in the POV to guarantee the backdoor of Ameerah.

Later, Nicole broke down with lots of crying because she has to throw the upcoming POV comp. Her ride-or-die Daniel Durston comforted her and made sure she knew they had to eliminate Taylor to help further their games.

Taylor knew Nicole was in tears and finally had the opportunity to speak with her to offer some friendship and support. In that conversation, Taylor told Nicole that if she needed to tap out of the game, don’t worry about her if that is what she needs to do for her well-being.

Nicole took this as a passive-aggressive attack on her character and shared the info with Daniel. When he heard Nicole’s version of the story, he told Taylor to never speak to him again. At first, Taylor thought Dan was joking. He told Taylor she was playing mind games with Nicole just like she did with Paloma Aguilar. He continued by blaming Taylor for Paloma’s downward spiral.

Big Brother 24 Taylor

Needless to say, Taylor took this very hard. She was very upset by the accusations. She said that every time she starts to get close to someone in the Big Brother 24 house, something like this happens. Taylor clearly had no ill intent to hurt or cause harm to Nicole…at all!

Week Three Power of Veto Competition

The HOH and his bestie are automatically included in the POV competition. That would be Turner and Jasmine. The 2 block nominees will play as well, which are Michael and Brittany. Turner drew a random chip and picked Nicole and Taylor as the third pair to play in this week’s POV competition.

This POV competition is called Woodstack. The besties will need strong communication with one another to win this one. As one partner runs to grab a puzzle piece, the other partner will be hoisted up into the air. Once in the air, the puzzle pieces must be put together on top of their tree stump high in the air. The first pair to complete their puzzle first wins the golden power of veto.

Right before the competition began, Jasmine passed out. She was seen by the medic and was cleared to compete. However, due to her anxiety and fear of heights, she chose to sit this competition out. She and Turner did not participate in the POV competition.

Big Brother 24 Jasmine

Michael and Brittany won the POV competition without much of a fight. Turner will need to pick a replacement bestie pair to put on the block for eviction. He can go with the Big Brother 24 house majority and go after Taylor, or he could go forward with the backdoor plan to evict Ameerah.

Before the POV ceremony, Turner, Monte, Kyle, Michael, Joseph, Brittany, and Taylor all met in the HOH room to talk about the plans in the Big Brother house moving forward. They all shared they were tired of Taylor being treated so poorly in the Big Brother 24 house.  They feel like they are all on the outside looking in.

They agree that Ameerah seems to be calling the shots right now, and she needs to be evicted. They know that if they evict Ameerah this week, they will have the majority vote in the house from this point forward in the game.

They all agreed to work together moving forward. They named their alliance the Leftovers because they have been left out of much of the Big Brother gameplay. They have a pretty strong game plan while the rest of the house expects Taylor to be evicted this week.

Join us again tomorrow, Thursday, July 28, at 8 PM EST for the POV ceremony and the live eviction.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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