The Challenge USA Spoilers: Episode 4 Eliminations

In the last episode of The Challenge USA, Big Brother showed up and took control of the game. Kyland Young of Big Brother 23 and Angela Rummons of Big Brother 20 won last week’s challenge, which put them in the driver’s seat. With so many players left in the game, there was no need to target any Big Brother players at this point.

The Challenge USA Kyland Alyssa

James Wallington from the Amazing Race and Tasha Fox from Survivor lost in the arena, and both were eliminated from the competition. Tonight, another challenge will give a new couple power in the game to choose who will fight to save their game in the arena combat. Big Brother has the best numbers in the game, and let’s hope it stays that way.

Week Four Main Challenge

This week’s main challenge is called Falling Off the Knowledge. Each couple has been paired together randomly for this challenge. All the couples will stand on a ledge 250 feet above the ground. They will be asked a trivia question. If the couple answers the question incorrectly, they will be plummeting 150 feet straight down.

This game will be played in 3 rounds. The first round will create a winner’s round and a loser’s round. The winning couple will gain power while the losing couple will compete in the arena fighting for their lives in the game.

Unfortunately, David Alexander from Big Brother 21 and Justine Ndiba from Love Island were the losers and are automatically headed to the arena to fight for their lives.

Once again this week, Kyland Young of Big Brother 23 won again this week. His partner was another Big Brother alumni, Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother 23 as well. They will decide who David and Justine will face off against in the arena.

Week Four Arena Challenge

Kyland and Alyssa chose to put David and Justine in the arena with Xavier Prather from Big Brother 23 and Shantel Smith from Survivor 41. It’s official; Big Brother alumni have finally turned on one another, which happened very early in the game. This is most likely revenge for X winning Big Brother 23 against Kyland and Alyssa in the same alliance, the Cookout.

This competition is called Smash In and Puzzle Out. The teams must race to complete a puzzle, but the puzzle pieces are at the end of a tunnel with panes of glass blocking their route. They must bring each puzzle piece out through the tunnel one at a time.

The first team to complete their puzzle stays in the game while the losing team goes home. The stakes are high.

When it was all said and done, Big Brother took out one of their own as X and Shan lost and were eliminated from The Challenge: USA. X gave a searing goodbye message to his fellow Big Brother alum.

Xavier said, “I played Big Brother Season 23, and I backstabbed everyone, and they’re all petty little bit*hes about it. I’m still rich, y’all broke, and y’all are stupid”.

Well said, Xavier, although he seems to be somewhat of a sore loser this time. Now the Big Brother squad on The Challenge:  USA is down a member.

Join us again next week for another recap of The Challenge: USA.

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