The Challenge USA Spoilers: Episode 7 Eliminations

Last week another Big Brother alumnus was sent home on The Challenge USA. Derek Xiao of Big Brother and his partner, Shannon St. Clair of Love Island, lost in the arena challenge. They fought for their lives against another Big Brother favorite, Enzo Palumbo, and Justine Ndiba of Love Island.

Now, Big Brother is only represented by just 5 players in The Challenge USA. Survivor has taken the lead of the most players remaining in the game with 6. Can the Big Brother players take control and send some Survivor players out the door? Let’s find out now.

Week 7 Main Challenge

This week’s main challenge is called Wreck-Reational Driving. This game is similar to a demolition derby. Each car is equipped with 4 large balls on the exterior. If all of your car’s calls are popped or fall off, or if the car is wrecked, then your team is eliminated from the match. The last car running wins the challenge.

Here’s the catch. Every driver will be blindfolded. Their teammate will sit next to them in the vehicle, instructing them where to go. Communication is critical in this challenge.

The Challenge USA

After quite the brutal fight, Domenick Abbate from Survivor and Cayla Platt from Amazing Race won the competition. The last place finishers were Leo Temory of Amazing Race and Alyssa Lopez of Big Brother. Leo was in the arena competition a couple of weeks back and came out on top to stay in the game.

Week 7 Arena Challenge

Winners of the main challenge chose who would compete against the losers in the arena challenge. This week Kyland Young from Big Brother and Krya Green from Love Island will be facing Leo and Alyssa in a fight for their lives.

The arena challenge is called Ball and Chain. There is a large a giant wall in the middle of the arena with 6 panels on the top. Under each panel is a trivia question. One partner must hoist the other up to reveal the trivia question. The answer will be numerical and found on medicine balls chained on the other end of the arena.

The team must answer the question by retrieving the appropriate medicine ball and placing it on top of the steel wall above the panel. The first team to complete the challenge and answer all of the questions correctly will win and stay in the competition. The losing team will be eliminated from the challenge.

Either way the cookie crumbles tonight, another Big Brother player will be sent home with a player on each team. After all was said and done, Kyland and Krya lost the arena challenge and were eliminated. Kyland was a major threat in the game. Targeting him was a smart move and benefitted the remaining players.

We are now down to four Big Brother players representing in The Challenge USA. Join us again next week for another episode.

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