Big Brother 24 Episode 17 Recap: Prizes & Punishments POV

Finally, the biggest target in the Big Brother 24 house turned the tables when she won one of the summer’s most challenging Head of Household competitions. Taylor Hale struggled with landing on her block nominees for the week, but she settled on Indy Santos and Terrance Higgins.

Kyle Capener POV

Taylor’s target for the week is Terrance. Her choices for block nominees were limited as her alliance, the Leftovers accounts for 7 Big Brother 24 house members. The prizes and punishments edition of the Power of Veto will be held tonight. Can Taylor keep her target on the block, or will another target surface that is more enticing than Terrance? Let’s find out.

Week 6 Block Nominations Aftermath

Taylor feels as though her nominations will ruffle the fewest feathers in the Big Brother house. Taylor knows that jury considerations weigh heavily at this point of the game and moving forward.

This is Terrance’s 4th time on the block, fearing eviction. He has managed to escape the three previous times. In the diary room, Taylor told Terrance that Monte is her target…not him. Terrance is not buying what Taylor is selling.

The new Five Swatters alliance, which includes Indy, Jasmine Davis, Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and Kyle Capener, is plotting for the upcoming POV competition. Don’t forget, Kyle and Joe’s allegiance lies with the Leftovers. They are simply gathering information to give back to their main alliance.

Taylor is hoping that the nominations stay the same this week. That way, she will have less blood on her hands. She doesn’t need to nominate a replacement nominee for Indy and put any more targets on her back.

Taylor won’t have many choices for a replacement nominee if the POV is used this week. Consequently, Joseph volunteered for Taylor to bring down Indy and put him on the block next to Terrance. That way, their alliance is protected. Michael Bruner and the others in the Leftovers alliance don’t agree with that plan.

Week 6 Power of Veto Competition

HOH Taylor and the two block nominees will automatically compete in the POV competition. In addition, Alyssa, Jasmine, and Kyle were randomly picked to play in the POV competition.

Right before the POV competition, the Leftovers decided that taking out a bigger target would benefit their games more this week than a weaker player like Terrance going to the jury. They decided to pull down Terrance and put Joe on the block next to Indy, and she would become the new target to be the first houseguest sent to the jury house.

This POV competition is called Punk-A-Roo. Players will play in a series of rounds. Players start by bouncing a ball down the neck of a giant guitar. Each time the ball bounces, players are awarded positive or negative points. The lowest total score from each round will be eliminated.

Once each houseguest is eliminated, they will smash their guitar to reveal their prize or punishment. They may exchange their gift with another player if they don’t like what they have received. The last player holding the golden POV at the end of the competition wins.

Terrance was the first player eliminated and won the golden POV. Indy was the next player knocked out, and her prize was actually a punishment for receiving 182 temporary tattoos throughout the week. She exchanged prizes with Terrance and now holds the golden POV.

Taylor was eliminated in round 3. She won the prize called London is calling. This is a trip to the city of London. She kept the trip. Alyssa was eliminated next and received Skid & Fancy. This punishment requires two houseguests to be tied together for 48 hours wearing a costume. She gave up the punishment for Taylor’s trip to London.

In the final round between Kyle and Jasmine, the winner was Kyle. Jasmine’s prize was $5,000 cash. Jasmine took the trip from Alyssa. Kyle won the Punk-itard where he will wear a costume and perform concerts for the houseguests. Kyle chose to take the POV from Indy. So the final prizes and punishments are:

Terrance’s punishment was to receive 182 tattoos during the week.
Indy’s punishment was the punk-itard, and she will have to perform concerts all week in costume.
Taylor’s punishment will have her tied to another player all week in costume.
Alyssa’s prize was $5,000 cash.
Jasmine’s prize was a trip to London.
Kyle’s prize was the golden Power of Veto.

Alyssa took the trip to London away from HOH Taylor, which upset her. As a result, Taylor is now considering putting her on the block as a punishment. Only time will tell. Taylor is pretty upset that Alyssa did that to her when she specifically asked everyone to let her keep the trip to London.

Join us again tomorrow, Thursday, August 18, at 9 PM EST for a special hour episode of Big Brother 24.

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