Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Overnight Live Feeds Report – 8/5/2014

From the Big Brother spoilers we are seeing on the Live Feeds, it looks like it’s going to be curtains for one of our favorite season 16 Houseguests on Sunday. We are going to hate to see him go. Not because he’s the nicest guy in the world, or a very good player, but just because he’s so darned entertaining.

Big Brother Live Feeds - 8/5/2014 (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds – 8/5/2014 (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, the plan pretty much solidified that the person who would be going home at the first live eviction Thursday night would be Zach. Derick even managed to talk around Zach’s biggest ally in the house, Frankie, to vote against him. Although Derrick pretty much made Frankie think he was the one deciding Zach needed to go, rather than Derrick telling him how he should vote.

12:05 AM – Derrick and Christine talk in the hammock. Derrick tells Christine the Los Tres Amigos alliance (him, Cody, and Zach) wasn’t really a real thing, it was just Zach mostly. Christine is totally on board with evicting Zach.

Derrick is very worried about how Zach is going to react to being evicted and what he might do as he leaves. He tells Christine that he doesn’t think Zach will go out quietly and might blow The Detonators. Christine suggests doing a split vote so that Nicole will have to cast the tie-breaker vote to evict Zach.

12:25 AM – Zach works on his eviction speech/poem again while he plays pool. We are really kind of feeling sad about watching him because he’s going to be hurting after the vote. His poem just shows off how much he’s going to be blindsided unless something changes between now and then.

Roses are red and violets are blue, Nicole is my target, I’m coming for you.
I love you all so much and I’m so grateful, maybe I’ll change my ways and not be so hateful.
You all made it to jury, you’re on the right track, fans at home hashtag Zach Attack!
This ceremony is important, the wrong choice might cost ya, when you head to the diary room, vote to evict Jocasta!

12:30 AM – Christine tells Derrick that if she wins Head of Household, she will put up Donny and Victoria. She hopes there will be a chance to backdoor Caleb. Christine thinks if Caleb doesn’t go up that they will have the votes to evict Donny instead.

12:40 AM – Hayden tells Zach and Cody that he and Nicole were talking to Caleb and he just wouldn’t shut up about Amber. Nicole joins and says Zach called her a vixen. Zach says it means a “slut” and Nicole is like, what? Zach tells her she is abeautiful. Nicole says she is glad she bashed Zach in Diary Room. Zach continues to tease and bait Nicole. Hayden just kicks around a ball and grins throughout.

Christine, Derrick, and Frankie talk in the hammock. Frankie says that if Zach is evicted he will act upset and blame it on Caleb, Hayden, and Victoria. They worry about what to do if the vote is 5 to 3 because it will reveal that someone in their alliance flipped on Zach. Frankie promises to try to distract Zach from thinking about it and blowing things up. Frankie leaves. Christine is worried that if the vote is 5 to 3, it will look like she is the one who flipped. She says Nicole wants it to be a tie-breaker so she can vote Zach out. Christine says Hayden will vote against Jocasta.

12:55 AM – Frankie and Christine discuss the votes and who should vote for whom. Frankie doesn’t want to work with Nicole. He wants to vote against Jocasta if they split the vote. He suggests they try to convince Caleb and Victoria that Zach is going to go after them. He does bring up that they could keep Zach but know he lies about everything and is working everyone.

1:10 AM – Caleb and Frankie talk about the vote. They don’t think Donny will vote against Jocasta. Derrick joins them. Derrick says he thinks Victoria will vote with the majority. Caleb talks about all his awesome fans he is going to have after the show. He is still wearing a ball cap with Amber/Caleb under the rim. He talks about how Amber’s parents probably really love him now after watching all he did for her on the show. (Wow.)

1:45 AM – Zach twerks on the pool table.

2:10 AM – Frankie and Cody talk about the idea of splitting the vote to make a tie-breaker. Cody says he thinks Frankie is going to flip because of Christine talking to him.

2:45 AM – Zach is still clueless that the whole house is against him this week and there is virtually no chance he will survive the eviction. He talks with Frankie about their Final 2 deal.

Meanwhile, Cody and Derrick talk. Cody says Christine told him about the Los Tres Amigos alliance. Cody says Frankie said he never told her anything. Derrick says Frankie told him that to and that it was Zach who told her. Christine joins them. They talk about how Hayden is going to vote. They are concerned about making sure the vote doesn’t go wrong.

3:10 AM – Derrick goes back on the idea of a split vote and is worried things could go wrong. He tells Cody that maybe they are getting set up by Hayden and Nicole.

3:20 AM – Frankie, Derrick, and Cody play pool. They discuss Caleb getting mad at Zach because he keeps shoving the fact he can eat at the Have-Nots. They talk about votes but then Zach comes out and the conversation stops. Zach disses Victoria and says he doesn’t think she is smart enough to own her own photography business. Derrick says he doesn’t think she is dumb but she’s not that smart either. Zach bashes on Victoria some more, calling her annoying and talking about how she can’t even go to sleep by herself.

Zach and Frankie go inside and Derrick says that if Victoria was his daughter, he would break Zach’s jaw no matter how many CBS security guards are there. Zach comes back out and snarks on Victoria some more. Zach crows about how he is in the alliance that is running the house.

4:40 AM – Most of the Houseguests are off in bed. Derrick tells Cody that he can’t really trust Christine or Frankie. Cody says he kind of does trust Christine and that she really does think Hayden is voting for Zach to stay. Cody says that Nicole and Christine are trying to play each other and he is confused by all the things they are saying.

Frankie comes back outside and says Zach is a mess. He says Zach misses his family and he is playing too hard. He says maybe they should make it a unanimous vote and he should just yell at him that he f**ked up and not to f**k up more and to just walk out after the eviction. Frankie goes back inside.

Derrick and Cody talk about how Zach messes up Frankie’s game. Derrick says if they decide the vote should be unanimous, they should tell Caleb before Frankie. Cody says he is going to tell him the next time he talks to him. They talk about how they need to keep Caleb in the house right now and how Donny is a big threat, winning four competitions and never being a Have-Not. They keep on talking in the same vein before heading off to bed shortly after 6AM.

6:05 AM – Cody scratches Calzone BB16 into the bathroom stall door. Boys will be boys.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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