Currently, the Big Brother 2016 house operates according to Paulie’s agenda. Everyone seems to acknowledge and accept this power structure. Last night, we had the first real talk of the season about evicting him from the Big Brother 18 house. However, has Paulie already created an alliance empire that cannot be broken on Big Brother 2016?


The success of a Paulie take down requires careful planning and manipulation from many Big Brother 18 players. We know that only three players will for sure try to evict Paulie, when the time comes to make a move against him. These players are Da’Vonne, Natalie, and Michelle. James may try to take him out during a double eviction, but that depends on how much trust James has in his safety after Paulie’s eviction.

If the Round Trip Ticket doesn’t come into play tonight, Da’Vonne heads to the Big Brother 18 jury house. However, let’s consider scenarios where Da’Vonne returns to the Big Brother 2016 house because of the latest twist.

Paulie and Paul know the dangers of winning too many competitions. Paulie already won way too many this early in the Big Brother 18 game. Therefore, we doubt they want to win anymore until closer to the final 5. This leaves a lot less competition for the remaining 10 (11 if you count Da’Vonne) players during the upcoming Heads of Household competitions.

They won’t have the complete safety that the Head of Household title offers, but they will be safe enough. Paulie and Paul know they have enough allies to watch others take out their targets.

They also know that they have a slim chance of being evicted because they have the votes to stay in almost all scenarios. Paul and Paulie are likely to be safe from eviction against anyone but each other, and possibly Corey or James.

Of course, one wrong move could cost them their allies, but Paulie has spun such an intricate web that it’s unlikely anyone can present any evidence to really turn the house against him. The best option to actually evict Paulie is to place him right next to Paul on the block.


Hypothetically, this Thursday’s Head of Household competition turns out to be a mental competition. It’s the one where you have to guess if a competition song references a Roadkill, Head of Household, or Power of Veto competition. Michelle wins that competition. Her smartest move to get out Paulie would be to initially nominate Paul and Bridgette.

This creates trust within the house that Michelle finally gets her wish of evicting Bridgette. This allows them to keep Paul and Paulie calm. In the rare case that Paulie gets picked for Veto, if he feels safe, he won’t be fighting as hard for it.

In order for this backdoor plan to work, Bridgette, Michelle, or someone on their team needs to win Veto. If all goes well, Bridgette wins Veto. She comes down and Michelle nominates Paulie. Paulie will campaign hard to stay alive. However, Paul should win out against Paulie.

Victor is loyal to Paul and Paulie but this is where the fact that Paulie evicted him comes into play. Victor will be more loyal to Paul because Paul voted to keep him. Zakiyah now understands that Paulie doesn’t have the best intentions with her. She won’t want to, but ultimately, she will likely vote him out. Even if she doesn’t, there is still enough votes to evict him.

Da’Vonne will not hesitate to vote out Paulie. Corey and Nicole will vote out Paul. Bridgette will vote out Paul. Natalie will vote out Paulie, and James is aware enough to vote out Paulie. The votes would fall:

Victor voting to evict Paulie
Corey voting to evict Paul
Nicole voting to evict Paul
Da’Vonne voting to evict Paulie
Zakiyah voting to evict Paulie (probable switch to keep Paulie-voting out Paul)
Bridgette voting to evict Paul
Natalie voting to evict Paulie
James voting to evict Paulie

Big Brother-Paulie and Paul

Paulie would be evicted by either a 5 to 3 vote or a 4 to 4 tie. Michelle would break the tie and evict Paulie. The only other pretty good scenario to get Paulie out is to have him on the block against Corey. However, that option can be shaky because the threat of the Nicole and Corey showmance might be a more tempting alliance to crush than Paulie’s domination over the house.

If Paulie does manage to go into this week safe, the oppositions best bet is to go after Paulie’s alliance members (Victor, Paul, Nicole, Corey, and Bridgette). Therefore, if they get rid of enough of them, Paulie doesn’t have the majority anymore and he becomes easier to vote out. However, that plan hinges on the unlikely outcome that the girls (Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, Natalie, and Michelle–possibly James) wins a lot of competitions from here on out, and all stay in the house long enough to take out at least three of Paulie’s alliance members.

Paulie will be the most trickiest person to evict this season, but not impossible. He doesn’t quite have the Derrick hold on the game.

Has Paulie already sealed his fate as the winner of Big Brother 18?

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