Who Won Power of Veto on Big Brother Last Night? 8/3/2016

Who won Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight was a huge deal for the house majority and their hopeful plan to backdoor veteran Da’Vonne Rogers this week. First they needed Da’Vonne not to get picked as a player to make sure she couldn’t win. Then they needed someone to grab the PoV who would remove pawn Paulie Calafiore from the block so Da’Vonne could go up as the renom. Otherwise the backdoor plan would fail and (gasp) it was even possible that Paulie might actually end up in danger at the eviction.


Although Head of Household Paul Abrahamian wanted to get rid of Bridgette from the moment he won HoH, his buddy and current house manipulator Paulie has been gunning hard for Da’Vonne to go. So much so that he volunteered to go up as a pawn this week against eviction nominee Bridgette in hopes of winning the Power of Veto. Then he could use it on himself, and Paul could put up Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee.

While Paulie has a rather firm grip over the house right now, whether they are aware of how much control he has or not, putting yourself up as a pawn is always an extremely risky move. If Paulie didn’t manage to get off the block, the rest of the house might wise up and see how much more of a threat he is in the end than little old Cabbage Patch Doll Bridgette. If that happened, he might find himself the victim of a sudden blindside eviction he could only blame on himself.

When the Power of Veto players were chosen, Paulie and his allies were very lucky indeed. Corey, Victor, and Natalie were picked as the extra houseguest to join Paul as HoH, and Paulie and Bridgette as the eviction nominees in this week’s competition.


The challenge for PoV this time around was all about being fast and athletic, so naturally it played strongly to the strength of the guys. Therefore it really came as little surprise when Paulie edged out the rest of the houseguests to grab the win. This couldn’t have been a more perfect result for Paulie.

When the Veto Ceremony rolled around, Paulie of course saved himself from the block. Although Paul still kind of wanted Bridgette to be the one to go this week, he did as the house wanted and put up Da’Vonne Rogers as the replacement nominee. Now Da’Vonne doesn’t know for sure that pretty much the whole house is ready to backdoor her right off the show, but she’s growing quite suspicious despite all the assurances that Bridgette is still the target.

We’ll find out on Thursday night if Paulie’s backdoor plan to get rid of Da’Vonne will succeed, and if so, whether or not the veteran player might be in possession of that Roundtrip ticket to return to the game!

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