Big Brother 18 cast member Paul Abrahamian, or as we like to call him, “The Beard”, says that the trait he plans to rely most on in the game is being “sneaky”. He is also quite confident that he can “mentally crack any member” of the Big Brother cast that he needs to. Those are some big words, but he might just have the beard, I mean, the brains to back them up.

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In addition to being “sneaky”, Paul Abrahamian says in his CBS cast profile that his strategy in the game will be use his skills to be “very observant, remember things and handle high stress situations well.” We’ll see how well his plans work out once he’s actually in the Big Brother 18 house!

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Paul studied Philosophy and Political Science as a double major at Perpperdine University, and had plans to go to law school according to an interview with in 2015. Not only that, but he’s also an MMA fighter, a model, and an animal activist who is in love with his Spanish Mastiffs.

Back home in Tarzana, CA on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Paul Abrahamian, who says he is of Armenian/Russian descent, is a clothing designer under the brand Deadskull Apparel, as well as a heavy metal guitarist. We’re not sure if he is still with the band, but at least up until August of 2015, Paul was part of the group Reviver. He’s also done some other musical work we’ve come across, including a co-starring role in the music video below.

In a video published in December, 2014, Paul is shown getting a ‘couples makeover’ with Disney TV actress Oana Gregory, who was his girlfriend at the time. According to his interview with CBS on the Live Feeds, the two have been broken up for a few months now.

Paul Abrahamian is apparently well known enough to have a bit of rep already in the entertainment and fashion industry. Plus, of course, having dated an actress will get your name around pretty quickly, even if she’s not a huge star yet. We found a number of photos of him on Getty Images walking a few red carpets.

From his Facebook, we found that Paul apparently likes Japadog fast food carts, and isn’t at all afraid to speak his mind. At least, online anyway. The last post on his Facebook, put up on May 22nd, is a beautiful rant against haters, bullshit, narcissism, and negativity.

Paul Abrahamian Facebook

Paul seems very focused on living his life doing what he loves, and encouraging others to do the same. In the interview with, he says people shouldn’t “waste your life doing boring, stupid shit… Don’t envy anyone, don’t copy anyone, don’t live someone else’s life or want to live someone else’s life, make your own life worth living.” Or, to sum up: “Do all that cool shit, be the person you want to be, don’t just talk/dream about it.”

Well, it looks like Paul Abrahamian is indeed doing that “cool shit” in finding his way into the Big Brother 18 cast!

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