Big Brother 18 Cast: Paul Abrahamian – The Beard

Big Brother 18 cast member Paul Abrahamian, 23, hails from Los Angeles, California and is a clothing designer for his own apparel company, Deadskull.  While Paul describes himself as a “nice dude”, he is very self-aware that his image can be intimidating.  It all starts with his thick beard and his image is further defined by lots of tattoos and a wild (and crazy!) personality.

Paul Abraham Big Brother 18 cast member (CBS)

One of Paul’s passions is music and he loves a good jam session.  That is probably why he answered “my guitar because I love to play and write music” in his CBS profile when he was asked what he’d take into the house and why.  In addition to making music, Paul enjoys going to concerts and getting wild.  He does all of the “fun stuff” like crowd surfing, moshing and stage diving.

Three words Paul Abrahamian uses to describe himself are honest, spontaneous and energetic.  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, his energetic nature was further embellished when he discussed how he was looking forward to seeing where all of his energy goes, since he won’t have his normal outlets such as music, creating stuff and traveling.

While you don’t want to suffer from fatigue in the Big Brother 18 house, too much energy can cause trouble.  Tons of energy could lead to excess talking which could either annoy other houseguests or blow up your game.  Paul could suffer from revealing too much information or even spilling secrets.  The problems will arise when he lets his energy build up too much.  Hopefully, his energy can be managed by working out or even just being a little crazy sometimes.  Physical competitions will certainly serve as a good outlet as well.

While Paul describes himself as honest, we will have to see if he is willing to lie and deceive, when necessary, to win the game.  Most people would say that Big Brother is a game and if you lie in the game, it does not make you any less honest of a person.

Paul’s strategy seems to focus primarily on the mental (and social) aspect of the game.  He says he is good at manipulating people into doing what he wants and “getting them to think they’re on top of a situation when, really, they’re not”.  He is going to be “the guy who’s gonna kick his feet up, drink a beer with you, let you talk about why your life is weird and just smile and nod” and then wreak havoc in the diary room (“chaos” and “catastrophe”).

In addition to being sneaky, Paul says he is observant and able to remember things as well as “handle high stress situations well”.  Competitions are often high stress situations and being able to keep your cool is crucial.  Being observant and being able to remember the things you observe (as well as general memory) will be helpful for some of the mental competitions.

Big Brother 18's Paul Abrahamian (Source: Facebook)
Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamian (Source: Facebook)

When Jeff Schroeder asked in his Big Brother Live Feeds interview if he would rather “win and be hated by America or lose and be loved by America”, Paul casually responded with an enthusiastic “I don’t care”.  He is “here to have a good time, cause chaos and have fun.” He is happy with his life coming into the house and he would be “stoked” to go back to the same life when he is out of the house.  As a thrill seeker and someone whose life motto talks about living life to the fullest, being on Big Brother is a new experience to enjoy life. While he may not be hungry for the money, Paul is definitely not in it for the fame.

At the very least, he should make for some good TV as evidenced by the following statement: “It’s gonna be nuts.  I’m gonna be wild.”

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