Houseguest Corey Brooks is just the latest in a string of Big Brother cast members to be connected to homophobic comments either before or during the show. In the past, players such as Caleb Reynolds, Aaryn Gries, Jeff Schroeder and others have all been the focus of controversy over using gay slurs either on the show, or found online when their social media accounts were ‘searched’ by Big Brother fans.

Corey Brooks of Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Corey Brooks of Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Corey Brooks repeatedly uses the “Fa*” word in a derogatory way multiple times on his Twitter feed. He even refers to a person as an “Fa*” word and talks about it regarding a potential relationship. But the most offensive way he used it was to describe a movie. It looks like he watched The Notebook and he connects crying over the movie to being gay and says crying doesn’t make him a fa**ot.

There are several other instances over several years of him calling people and things “gay” that he didn’t like. As well as some other just generally nasty comments and even a bit of fat shaming.

Corey Brooks Homophobe Tweets

I guess Corey never heard of the saying that “Real Men Cry” and it does not impact your sexuality. Corey’s tweets are from several years back, but I do not believe that is an excuse. He is now 25, so that would mean he was 20 years old when some of these tweets occurred. At 20 years old, you should know what slurs can offend certain demographics of this country. With the recent horrific Orlando, FL shootings at the Pulse gay nightclub, it is even more insulting to have to read these slurs from such close-minded people. I just hope Corey doesn’t show this kind of bigotry on the Live Feeds for the world to see because he clearly cares about his reputation in his Big Brother interviews.

I believe that CBS chose to ignore these comments in casting Corey Brooks, because they are so relatively easy to find. Unless the casting director Robyn Kass decides not to research the houseguests on purpose so they can claim they didn’t know about these things before casting them.

Going back to Big Brother 15, where Aaryn Gries and others made racial slurs the show received a lot of controversy and headlines across the internet. I am not implying CBS wants racist or homophobic houseguest, but I think casting controversial houseguests prone to such comments does keep their ratings up. CBS could have easily kicked out these houseguests, but chose to cast them and keep each one of them in the house regardless of their horrible racial and homophobic statements.

Really though, this comes as no surprise as CBS continues to frequently employ Jeff Schroeder, who went on an anti-gay tirade on Big Brother 13. He’s also made nasty homophobic comments throughout his reality TV career. So expect this stereotype of casting homophobes to continue on Big Brother and every season, you will keep seeing comments like this uncovered by the fans, and popping up on the Live Feeds.

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