Big Brother 18 Recap: Will Veto Backdoor Plan Succeed? 8/3/2016

Tonight on Big Brother 18, the houseguests will face off in the Power of Veto Competition. Most of the players will be focused on winning to make sure a very important backdoor plan is put into action. That includes one of the current eviction nominees, Paul’s Pawn, Paulie Calafiore. Not only does he want to make sure he is safe this week, he wants to ensure that veteran Da’Vonne Rogers ends up as his replacement on the block for a hopeful backdoor eviction.

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto Competition (Source: CBS)

As for Bridgette Dunning, former ally to evicted veteran Frank Eudy, she knows that the Power of Veto is vitally important for her to win as well. Regardless of any possible backdoor plan floating around right now, the house could always decided she needs to be the one going out the door this week. Without that PoV in her pocket, Bridgette is a sitting duck just hoping a bigger target will end up on the block next to her. Otherwise, she may be following in Frank’s footsteps right out the door.

Tonight’s Power of Veto Competition will be a sprinting challenge some fans may be familiar with from last season where a version of it was previously used as a Head of Household comp. This will definitely be a challenge where the athletically inclined, such as Paulie, will have an advantage. Will he or Bridgette succeed in winning the PoV and putting the house’s backdoor plan into action?

When we last left our kooky houseguests, Head of Household Paul Abrahamian had just put up Paulie and Bridgette on the block as the eviction nominees for the week. Paulie was hoping that the PoV will work out his way so he can get Da’Vonne up as his replacement. Tonight the Power of Veto Competition is coming up and temperatures are on the rise, outside and inside the house!


Paul says in Diary Room that he’ll go with the house to get Da’Vonne out if that’s what they want, but he still wants it to be Bridgette. Da’Vonne is concerned that Paulie went up on the block instead of Nicole, because that means she’s out of the loop.

Da’Vonne thinks maybe she can get Bridgette on her side now that she’s alone in the house. She tells Bridgette she needs to win that Power of Veto and is hoping Nicole can end up on the block.


Bridgette goes to talk to Paul. He tells her to be careful of Da’Vonne because she’s dangerous. He tells Bridgette that Paulie and her are both pawns to get Da’Vonne out in a backdoor. But he says she has to be very careful to play the role of sad victim, and not to say anything to Da’Vonne.

James, Victor, Paulie and Corey all get into the hot tub. Nicole comes up and tells them she dreamed about Derrick and they all tease her about it. Especially when she says she also dreamed about Derrick’s wife — and then about Cody too. She flees them saying “I’m Done!” and runs back into the house.

Paulie and Zakiyah are at odds. Zakiyah says in Diary Room that they’ve been close for weeks, cuddling and everything. But now Paulie is acting distant. They have a fight over Paulie wanting to “get a good night’s sleep” by not sleeping in the same bed with Zakiyah. Paulie says in Diary Room that he feels like he can’t breath with her jealousy and there is “trouble in paradise.” Paul tells Paulie they need to make sure they don’t have issues with her because she knows too much. Paulie says Zakiyah is acting like a “girl” and he doesn’t deal with girls, only “women” and she is being petty as hell.


Zakiyah complains to Michelle about how Paulie has been acting. Michelle comforts her when she cries over all of it. Meanwhile Paulie and Paul are basically talking about how Paulie just needs to fake being happy with Zakiyah until she goes out, which he’s happy to do whenever. He basically sounds like he doesn’t care about her at all.

Zakiyah goes up to talk to Paulie but he and Paul are sleeping so she runs off to the bathroom. Paulie gets up and goes downstairs to talk to her. The two of them get in quite a little tiff while Michelle listens in from outside the lounge room where they are arguing. Zakiyah is very upset about how Paulie has been acting toward her, and Paulie just wants the whole discussion over. In Diary Room, Paulie says he basically just wants her gone at this point.


It’s prank time again and Michelle is screaming because Paul put something nasty in her drinking cup. she gets riled up and throws an apple at him and hits him really hard and leaves a bruise. Meech freaks out and starts bawling because she hit him so hard right over his kidney. She like totally has a meltdown. Paul tries to comfort her that he is fine and not hurt at all, so chill out. She still cries some more, and then again in the Diary Room.


Time to pick the Veto players! Paul draws Corey’s name to play in the competition. Paulie draws Houseguest Choice and picks Victor to play. Bridgette draws Natalie to play, which is the choice she really wanted because she might be the only person in the house willing to use the Veto on her. (Or so she thinks. Because Natalie knows if she doesn’t do what the house wants, they could turn against her.)


Paulie and Paul talk game and “Friendship” over the chess table. They are all full of themselves about how good everything is going and PP is going to end up as the Final Two. Da’Vonne comes and joins them and wants to know what Plan B is if Bridgette comes off the block. They tell her they don’t want to even talk about that idea and put bad vibes out there in the universe. Da’Vonne puts Nicole’s name out there before she leaves. Paul and Paulie agree she is being sketchy.

Paulie goes down and talks to Corey and Nicole about what Da’Vonne said. Then he says if he wins HoH next week, he may put Zakiyah on the block.


Time for the Second Annual Ready, Set Whoa race competition for the Power of Veto (it was a Head of Household Competition last year). The houseguests have to hold down two buttons at the start and they have to hold them until they are shown the word “go” between a bunch of other false words. If they move before the right word is shown, they lose and get eliminated. Corey screws up in the first round and has a false start and is out of the competition.


In the next round, the houseguests get the word “Go” and Bridgette is the last to finish the race and is eliminated. Now she can only hope that Paulie will win and Paul will put someone up against her on the block as a bigger target.


Next round it’s Natalie who is the last to hit her face buzzer and she’s out. It’s down to Victor, Paul and Paulie. The next race is super close but Paul finishes last and is eliminated. Victor and Paul are the last two competitors. In the final race, Paulie sprints off the start super fast and slams on his buzzer way before Victor can reach it.

Paulie wins the Power of Veto! He’s amped because now his backdoor plan against Da’Vonne is going right as he wants. Bridgette is hopeful that Paul’s promise Da’Vonne will go up on the block will happen. Da’Vonne meanwhile thinks this is hopefully an opportunity for Nicole to become the replacement nominee as she thinks the boys are on her side, not that they are plotting entirely against her.


Paulie is happy that hopefully this week he can sit back and everything will be smooth. Zakiyah goes to Paulie to congratulate him and goes in for a long hug. Meanwhile, Bridgette confirms with Paul that the plan to backdoor Da’Vonne is still in play. He says it’s all good. He leaves and Da’Vonne comes in and starts talking about Nicole as an option to go up. Bridgette says she needs to talk to Paul. But in Diary Room she says Da’Vonne is a snake.


Now we have Zakiyah and Paulie snuggling and talking. She says she just wants Paulie to be happy. Paulie tells her that maybe Da’Vonne should go up on the block against Bridgette. Zakiyah is not really happy about this idea. Paulie asks her who should be the next target and she immediately starts talking about Paul being a threat. In Diary Room Paulie says this is very concerning and he has to relay this information to Paul.


Paulie and Corey assure Paul that if he puts Da’Vonne up she will go home, they have the votes. Then Paulie tells them about Zakiyah saying they should target Paul to get out. In Diary Room Paul is not happy at all about what Zakiyah said and he would gladly put her up on the block.


Time for America’s Care Package vote is open now at Voting is open until Friday and the winner will receive the power to throw out two eviction votes from other players.

Paul does not like Zakiyah talking about him, but he has to go with the house if they want Da’Vonne out. But he doesn’t want to alienate Da’Vonne in case she has the Roundtrip ticket and comes back into the house. He talks to Da’Vonne about who he is going to put up on the block against Bridgette. Da’Vonne wants Nicole to go up but Paul says she would freak out too much, and so would Natalie. And he also basically says Zakiyah isn’t a good choice either. Paul says he needs someone up on the block that he can trust, so like, basically her because they trust each other right?

Time for the Veto Ceremony and Paulie of course announces he is going to save himself from the block.


Now Paul has to announce who will become the replacement nominee. Da’Vonne is giving him the total stink eye. Paul talks about how everyone basically knows what is the plan is this week (getting out Bridgette supposedly — although it’s actually pretty much now backdooring Da’Vonne without her catching on). He says that he wants to choose someone who will be confident and calm on the block that he can trust. Nicole is smiling like a fool as Da’Vonne takes her seat next to Bridgete as the new eviction nominee.


Paul says he’s given the house two big targets and now he’s out. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to send home Bridgette or Da’Vonne. Bridgette says in Dairy Room that she can’t wait to hopefully see Da’Vonne to go out the door. Da’Vonne is pissed in Diary Room that she is up on the block again and she doesn’t need all those sympathetic hugs people are giving her. She just wants Bridgette out!

That’s a wrap!

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