Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Week 6

Our Big Brother 18 Power Rankings are in for week six and it’s a whole lot of more of the same. At least when it comes to who’s on top of the list yet again this week. On the bottom of the totem pole, however, things have shifted around a bit, and that’s where things get interesting.

Last week we saw Paulie Calafiore leading the pack, and he’s still pulling the strings for the most part still, even though he’s not the Head of Household this time around. The houseguests riding in the lower part of our Power Rankings this week, however, have been switching around. In particular, we’ve watched the rapid fall of superfan Michelle Meyer over the past week to a dangerous low point in our list this time around.

1. Paulie Calafiore – Well, it just seems he is marching his way to victory and no one cares. Paulie has the entire house in the palm of his hands and they will do whatever he states. Paul did his dirty work for him this week by taking Da’vonne out for him, someone who was loyal to Paul and not coming after him. Props to the game that Paulie is playing, but I feel the double eviction is where he is he most vulnerable.

Paul Calafiore sports a new haircut on the Special Battle Back Episode on Big Brother, July 22. BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT); and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

2. James Huling – James may not be playing the game hard and while he’s currently a minion of Paulie’s, his game is a deep threat game. He is not currently being targeted by anyone and his social game is pretty good. I think the house really respected his move to take out Frank, but James is going to have to be the one to take down Paulie if he wants to win.

3. Corey Brooks – It seems with each passing week that Corey becomes safer and safer. I have yet to hear anyone target him and he is very likely to survive the block over Nicole. He’s not really good in competitions and that’s another thing that makes him less threatening. But Corey will need to make a move if he wants any chance at the jury respecting him.

4. Paul Abrahamian – Despite his bad move to target Da’vonne who was not coming after him, he is still in a good position and that has a lot to do with Paulie. Paul and Paulie have a very strong alliance that no one in the game has detected as a strong final two deal. I can’t see Paul being in trouble anytime soon and if he is, one would think there’s bigger fish like Paulie out there to fry.

5. Nicole Franzel – Nicole is probably safe for a few more weeks because her loyalty to Paulie. I think her endgame is not a winning one, but more so to be the last girl standing. She only seems to trust Corey, Paul and Paulie and rats out Michelle/Zakiyah’s conversations whenever needed. I expected her to play a lot better this time, but nope.


6. Natalie Negrotti – Natalie is kind of a target because she won America’s care package and many of the houseguest were jealous. For her game, it’s going as far as Jams can protect her right now. There’s not a lot to her game, but she is aware of the house dynamics and I can see her making a good move if she wins HOH.

7. Zakiyah Everett – You think she would be higher considering her showmance is number 1? Well, he’s been throwing her under the bus lately, but that could potentially be strategy. I think Z’s problem is she does not spend enough time focusing on the game. She should spend less time with Paulie and more in game mode. I think she could be out in the next few weeks or last until the end, it just depends on her social game.

8. Bridgette Dunning – Bridgette seems like the type of boot where you want to keep your hands clean. She may be able to slide through the cracks because Frank is no longer in the house. Bridgette’s path in the game is hard to see because she doesn’t have really any allies in the game and that is a plus for Bridgette.

9. Victor Arroyo – Victor did really well in surviving his first week of the house, but everyone wanted Frank gone. He has aligned himself with Paul and Paulie both who find him annoying. He made a huge mistake in trusting Paulie the first time and likely will the second time. It doesn’t help that he is a competitive player who won four competitions before returning to the house.

10. Michelle Meyer – Michelle’s biggest mistake this week was trying to save Da’vonne. She is now on Paulie’s radar for offering to go on the block for Da’vonne and the showmances (minus Zakiyah) alliance does not trust her as much as they use to. This is the week for her to win HOH or otherwise she’s in big trouble.


11. Da’vonne Rogers – Day’s game is done because she told James she was targeting the showmance, who proceeded to rat her out to Paulie. It was the move that put a target on her back and she can never recover from it. Day didn’t learn from her last season: Do not spill information to others and sometimes keep information to yourself. But hey, maybe she has the Roundtrip ticket and you know, production would love that.

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