Big Brother Over the Top: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (11/22/16)

The only way Jason Roy does not win Big Brother Over the Top is if he loses both of the final three competitions. He is up against Kryssie Ridolfi, Morgan Willett, and Justin Duncan. All three have not shown extremely good Big Brother Over the Top competition prowess. The only person who could have given him a run for his money will be leaving tomorrow night.


Morgan nominated Jason for eviction on Sunday night. She hoped he would stay on the block and secure his eviction. Unfortunately, the best laid plans rarely work out in the Big Brother house. The final power of veto competition took place yesterday.

Of course, it resulted in a Jason win. This not only killed Morgan’s plan for the week, but it took out her only ally in the Big Brother Over the Top game.

Around 1:00 PT, Jason used the power of veto to remove himself from the block. As the only available option, Shelby Stockton was forced to go on the block next to Kryssie.

Shelby and Morgan both know that this means the end of the Ball Smashers/Team Long Shot. Justin and Jason will vote out Shelby. She finishes fifth place. This leaves Morgan as the only one left to try to stop Jason from winning the Big Brother Over the Top game.

Big Brother Over the Top Final Power of Veto Ceremony

It doesn’t seem likely. Join us tomorrow to find out if Shelby does go home, and who wins the first part of the final HOH competition.

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