Big Brother Over the Top Recap: Live Weekly Show 11/23/2016

As we wind down to the end of Big Brother Over the Top, emotions and drama inside of the house have certainly escalated.  With just one week left in the game, the HGs are more than ready to finish up this season and crown the winner.  America will crown the winner of Big Brother for the first time ever via online vote.  The power is in our hands, so let’s make the best of it.

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Tonight, we will say goodbye to either Shelby or Kryssie, both of whom are on the block for eviction this evening.  This has been an exciting week inside the house which will play out tonight in the weekly recap show for the fans that missed all the action.

The HOH competition this week is called Keep You Posted.  HGs will be asked questions while standing on small posts.  The questions are centered around male versus female HGs.  If the HG answers incorrectly, the must move to a smaller post, increasing their chances of falling off.  There are five posts in total, and the post get smaller and smaller.  The last HG standing will win HOH for the week.

Jason was the first HG to fall off the post and is eliminated from the game.  Justin is next to fall off the posts leaving Kryssie and Morgan in the competition.  Morgan tried to make a deal with Kryssie for the HOH win, but Kryssie was not having any talk about conceding this comp.


Morgan eventually prevails and wins the HOH.  Conversations after the dust has settled, Kryssie tries to convince Morgan that she did, in fact, throw the competition to Morgan but didn’t want to make it obvious to the other HGs.  The house is fairly confident that Jason will be the primary target for eviction this week by Morgan.


The America’s Care Package has arrived, and Justin is the only player remaining that can receive the reward.  Justin has won a Final Four Challenge.  If he wins the challenge, he is guaranteed safety this week and solidifies a spot in the final four of Big Brother Over the Top.


For Justin’s challenge, he must walk across a slack line and ring the victory bell without touching the grass below.  He has two hours to practice before the competition begins.  FYI, if Justin does win safety this week, there will only be three HGs available to go on the block.  Shelby is concerned about this because if someone wins the POV that will only leave her as the replacement nominee.

After a shaky two hours of practice, Justin is up to try his Final Four Challenge for safety this week and a guaranteed spot into the final four.  Justin glides across the slack line into victory and wins his spot into the final four of Big Brother Over the Top.  Justin can’t help but to be relieved about his accomplishment of making the final four.


At the Safety ceremony, there is no surprise that she keeps Shelby safe from eviction.  As a result, Kryssie and Jason are on the block for eviction this week.  The POV is left as their only means to save themselves at this point.  If either of them, Kryssie or Jason, win the POV, Morgan’s ride or die Shelby will be the replacement nominee on the block.

The POV competition is up next.  The competition is somewhat of a corn maze but the HGs must complete the maze on their hands and knees.  The HGs must race through the maze and collect three ears in the fastest time.


After all of the HGs have completed the maze, their times are revealed.  The HG with the fastest time of completing the competition is Jason.  Jason has won the POV and will most likely save himself from the block for eviction.


Jason and his allies are sharing a well-deserved hug after the POV win.


At the POV meeting, Jason uses the veto on himself.  As a result, Morgan must now nominate a replacement to the block for eviction.  Shelby is the only HG eligible to go on the block at this point in the game.  Morgan does the deed and nominates her BFF shelby to the block for eviction.  Shelby and Kryssie are the two HGs on the block for eviction tonight.

The live eviction has begun.

  • Jason has voted to evict Shelby
  • Justin has voted to evict Shelby

By a vote of 2-0, Shelby has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Julie gathers the remaining HGs in the living room for an important announcement. Julie instructs the HG that all four remaining HGs will compete in the final HOH comp.  The winner will advance automatically to the final three making them eligible for America’s vote to crown the winner.  In addition, the HOH winner will be able to choose one other HG to take to the Final there with them.

The remaining two HGs will compete in a final “do or die” competition with the winner taking the final spot in the final three.  The losing HG will be evicted.  With only one week left in the game, hang tight for the final week of Big Brother before the new King or Queen is crowned next Wednesday.

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