Which Jack Will Be Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 21? (8/8/19)

Tonight will be the first night in the Big Brother 21 season that we will watch a houseguest from the now defunct Six Shooters (AKA house majority alliance) be evicted from the game. Jessica Milagros definitely made a power move when she won Head of Household (HOH) this week and nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie to the block for eviction. She sealed their fate by also winning the golden Power of Veto (POV).

Big Brother 21

Jessica’s target for eviction has been Jack since winning HOH, and she has not swayed from her original target. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Jack nominated Jessica to the block earlier in the season. She survived the ordeal, but she definitely wants the Jacks to pay for the way they have treated her and others this season. Don’t forget that Michie was the Camp Director during the premier that sent Jessica to banishment. She has been on a mission this week certainly full of revenge.

With both Jacks sitting on the block, which one will be evicted tonight? Jessica has her eyes set on evicting Jack, but he vowed to campaign as hard as he could to save his game. The votes may end up close, even forcing a tie-breaker vote by Jessica. Sit back and relax Big Brother 21 fans and let’s finally watch an eviction we have been waiting all season to roll around.

Week Six Power of Veto Punishments

Jack and Michie both still have punishments coming their way from the last POV. Michie is on-call as the Area 21 Alien Dr. for the next 24 hours. Jack can be summoned, any time of the day, to the backyard to perform an alien autopsy where he is slimed by the aliens. Dr. Jack is called into duty morning, noon, and night…poor guy!

Big Brother 21 Jack Matthews

Up next is Jack. Big Al the alien will be studying Jack for the next 24 hours. He continually asks Jack questions about life on Earth. Big Al is by his side every minute of the day annoying the holy, living heck out of Jack. The punishment is quite comical, as long as you are not inside the Big Brother 21 house.

Last Minute Deals

Tommy Bracco tries to rally the troops of the Six Shooters to join back together again just to finish what they had started. The Six Shooters had a closed door meeting to try and hash things out amongst them. After going round and round about trust, mistrust, and betrayals, the Six Shooters are unable to come to terms for the good of the game.

Jack begins his mission to find five votes to stay in the Big Brother 21 game. He knows he has Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy and Tommy’s votes as of right now. Nick Maccarone promises to be Jack’s fifth vote if he can gather another vote. Jack decides Cliff Hogg III is his best option.

Jack approaches Cliff with a deal of a lifetime. Jack offers Cliff four eviction immunities, and Jack can be used as a shield for Cliff on the block. Cliff knows this offer takes him much further in the Big Brother game and promises to think it over within the next 24 hours before the eviction vote. Can Cliff be swayed again to save the “other” side of the Big Brother 21 house?

Week Six Live Eviction Vote

Holly Allen Votes To Evict Jack
Analyse Votes To Evict Michie
Christie Votes To Evict Michie
Nicole Votes To Evict Jack
Cliff Votes To Evict Jack
Nick Votes To Evict Jack
Tommy Votes To Evict Jack
Kathryn Dunn Votes To Evict Jack

By a vote of 6 to 2, Jack is evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. Jack agreed that his decision to pick Christie and Tommy over his boy Michie was his downfall, but he doesn’t regret his choices in the game. CBS finally addressed the some of the attention grabbing comments made inside the Big Brother 21 house this season.

Big Brother 21 Julie Chen Moonves and Jack Matthews

Julie Chen Moonves forced Jack to watch back video of some of his ugly comments made about Kemi Fakunle and Isabella Wang. Jack was apologetic for his comments, and he blamed the game and the stress thereof for the comments essentially. Jack is the first member of the jury and heads to the jury house now.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called Time Me A River. Here’s how it works…the houseguests will race down a river (in the backyard) in kayaks to the finish line. The player with the closest time to nine seconds wins the comp. You can be over or under the nine seconds, the winner just needs to be the closest.

Houseguests will compete one at a time, and they will be assisted getting into their kayak by river guides. The houseguests are in kayaks attached to rollers on wheels. They propel themselves with regular kayak paddles. This is not a difficult challenge. The players just need to time their trip down the river precisely.

Big Brother 21

After each of the houseguests take their turn down the rapids, Tommy has the closest score to nine seconds with 8.9 seconds, just 0.10 off the mark. Tommy is the newest HOH in the Big Brother 21 house, and he won on his birthday. Happy Birthday Tommy!!!

Join us again Sunday, August 11th 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the block nominations.

Big Brother 21

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