Who Went Home on Big Brother 21 Tonight? (7/18/19)

This week is a prime example of how quickly things can change inside the Big Brother 21 house. At the beginning of the week, Head of Household Nick Maccarone, promised Nicole Anthony that she had nothing to worry about. In just a few short days, Nicole became public enemy number one in the Big Brother house against the house majority alliance, h8ful, correction…Gr8ful.

Big Brother 21 Cliff Hogg III

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Kathryn Dunn used her power to take Jessica Milagros off the block, leaving Cliff Hogg III. After Nicole approached Isabella Wang about a plan Gr8ful/Und9able had to target her and Nick for eviction (had they NOT won HOH this week), Gr8ful/Und9able eloquently turned that all around and made Nicole look like the bad guy. Nick did not hesitate to name her to the block as the replacement nominee. Will Nicole or Cliff be the fourth and final member of Camp Comeback tonight? And which houseguest will be returning to the Big Brother 21 game?

Week Three Last Minute Deals

Christie Murphy had a major meltdown right before the last POV ceremony thinking she was being targeted to go home. For some reason, paranoia got the best of her, and she was sure that Nick was going to put her up as the replacement nominee. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but nonetheless, she became worried about the damage done by her breakdown.

To make up for her erratic behavior, Christie decided to tell Nick and Bella about her diamond POV Whacktivity power. She felt that this would show them both that she had trust in them. She has not told her entire alliance, Gr8ful/Und9able, about the power, but she has also told Jack Matthews and Tommy Bracco.

Big Brother 21

After feeling indebted to Nick and Bella, Christie jumped ship and had second thoughts about voting out Nicole this week. She did not feel that move was best for her game. She approached her closest allies and convinced them to agree with her. So, Christie, Tommy, and Jack plan to flip the vote this week and vote out Cliff rather than Nicole. They realize that this information must remain a secret from Nick and Bella, or the plan will go up in smoke.

Week Three Live Eviction Results

Analyse Talavera Votes to Evict Cliff
Bella Votes to Evict Nicole
Jack Votes to Evict Cliff
Sam Smith Votes to Evict Nicole
Jessica Votes to Evict Nicole
Kathryn Votes to Evict Nicole
Christie Votes to Evict Cliff
Holly Allen Votes to Evict Cliff
Jackson Michie Votes to Evict Cliff
Tommy Votes to Evict Cliff

By a vote to 6 to 4, Cliff is evicted from the Big Brother 21 game. He joins Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir, and David Alexander in Camp Comeback. All four will compete against one another to rejoin the Big Brother game. One will come back into the game while the remaining three are evicted from the Big Brother 21 house for good.

Camp Comeback Competition

The most important competition of the summer to date is called Path to Redemption. The houseguests must roll balls down a windy and moveable path. The first houseguest to successfully roll six balls down their path into the bucket at the end wins. There is a three minute time limit for the comp. If no one sinks six balls in their bucket within three minutes, the houseguest with the most balls in their bucket after three minutes wins.

Big Brother 21

Cliff destroys this competition. He won by a landslide against Kemi, Ovi, and David. They didn’t stand a chance. He placed all six balls in his bucket with more than a three quarter’s of a minute to spare. The closest to him was Ovi with just one ball in his bucket. The other houseguests didn’t have one ball in their bucket. Wow Cliff, just WOW!!!

Julie Chen Moonves interviews David, Ovi, and Kemi after their eviction from the game. David is in tears after the defeat. Kemi was very surprised that Nicole was able to stay in the Big Brother 21 game but thrilled at the same time. The three are rooting for Cliff and Sam to win the game.

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Big Brother 21

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