Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Monday – Waking Up with the Houseguests

Good morning Houseguests, time to get up for the day!

Britney is hogging the mirror once again, applying more makeup than a drag queen on show night. While she slathers it on, she bitches with Lane over who ate what food that is running out. How much mascara can a girl put on before her eyes end up glued shut?

So Britney says, in her morning mirror monologue, that today she is going to be good and not talk about anything she isn’t supposed to talk about. Amusingly enough, the feeds cut out for a few moments right after she says: “Big Brother was nice to me…” So what did Britney say yesterday that she wasn’t supposed to spew about? Hmmm…

Kathy and Kristen are already into game play, discussing Britney and the other players. Kristen looks depressed and is ultra slow in getting out of bed. Kathy is trying to figure out how to get her bra on under her shirt without flashing the cameras. In the end, she crawls into bed with Kristen and wrangles with it under the covers FOREVER. It’s totally hysterical.

Kathy and Kristen
Kathy and Kristen conversing (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Despite their bitching over some box of cereal or whatever, soon enough Britney and Lane are flirting and laughing over breakfast together. Lane is talking about how he dreams of having a big dick, but claims he really does have one in real life too. Britney eggs him on until he is rapidly trying to convince her and the viewing audience that he really does – really!

Britney, meanwhile, doesn’t seem all that worried about her boyfriend breaking up with her if he doesn’t like what he’s seen her do on Big Brother. Lane tells Brit-Brit she should really expect him to hook-up with at least one girl while she’s gone.

Kristen is not looking forward to her ugly rainbow leotard and red hair wig. She delays as long as humanly possible before dragging the leotard on over her thong. Poor, poor Kristen. She looks like she’s been kicked repeatedly in the stomach.

Not all strippers are bad, Lane says. Britney says she isn’t saying they are, but they aren’t the kind of women whose “ovaries you want to pursue.” Brendon, when he finally appears in the kitchen, admits he did date a stripper once. At some point during the now Britney/Lane/Brendon stripper talk, Enzo blasts through the kitchen and heads outside yelling something about “give me my change!”

Lane and Britney
Lane and Britney discuss their love lives (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Rachel is apparently up and about finally as well and the minute she enters the kitchen, all conversation suddenly ceases with a loud silent pause. Brendon and Rachel exit stage right and Britney goes back to giving Lane love advice.

The rest of the Houseguests still appear to be missing in action so far, but we’re sure they’ll turn up soon. We’d love to hear another of those crazy conversations about gays, politics, the environment and everything but the kitchen sink the boys had yesterday. That was damn amusing to watch.

So that’s what the Big Brother 12 Houseguests are up to this morning! If you want to catch up on the action from the Big Brother Live Feeds, check out a 3-Day Free Trial here!


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