Big Brother 19-09-07-17-Recap: Double Eviction Night Shockers!

Double eviction night is always an exciting event inside and outside of the Big Brother house. Tonight’s Big Brother 19 eviction was certainly no exception. Two houseguests were sent out the door and neither of them expected it. Big Brother 19 may be one-sided when it comes to controling the houseguests, but blindsides are still fun to watch play out live. So let’s dive into this week’s eviction recap.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Julie Chen

We pick up with Paul Abrahamian explaining his two-step plan in the diary room. Step one was for him to win the Power of Veto, and use it to pull Alex Ow off the block. Check and check. Step two of Paul’s plan was to split the votes between Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber, so that the Head of Household Christmas Abbott must cast the tie-breaking vote. This was to insure that Paul ended the night with no blood on his hands. The second step will be a bit more difficult for Paul to accomplish because Josh Martinez can see that this plan only benefits Paul, and actually hurts his own  game.

Josh makes several attempts to convince  his ride-or-die Christmas that Paul’s plan is not good for them. For some reason, she does not want to hear any of this from Josh.  At one point, she even raises her voice to him and firmly tells Josh to shut his mouth.  How can the house dunce see through Paul’s antics but not Christmas?

Josh is completely heart broken that his vote will help blindside Jason, and get him one step closer to eviction. Josh feels like this move will make him look like a snake. Josh truly feels horrible about what he is going to do.

Will Josh have the balls to stand up to Paul and vote for Kevin rather than Jason, and by doing so, blow up Paul’s game? Time for the first live eviction.

As expected, Alex and Paul vote to evict Kevin, and Josh and Raven Walton vote to evict Jason. With a 2-2 tie vote, Julie Chen announces to the houseguests that Christmas must cast the tie-breaking vote. She, while holding back the tears, votes to evict Jason.

Once reality sets in for Jason that he was just evicted from the Big Brother 19 house, he grabs his bag and heads out the door. Jason is so distraught that he doesn’t even say goodbye to his ride-or-die Alex. While Jason makes his way out to visit Julie, Paul makes sure to play it up for Kevin, Raven, and Alex so that they continue to think he had nothing to do with the blindside of Jason.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Jason Dent

Paul plays this part very well, and at the same time, Josh is running through the house crying like he just lost his favorite puppy. Jason sits down with Julie Chen and explains that he was completely blindsided by his eviction.  He asks Julie if he can go back in the Big Brother 19 house just for five minutes. In jest, Julie respectfully declines.

During the goodbye videos from the houseguests, Josh spills the beans to Jason about Paul’s devious eviction plan. Needless to say, Jason feels very betrayed, and shares with Julie that Paul’s “friendship” claims are completely false.Time for the HOH competition which is called ‘Fake News.’

Julie reads seven different headlines to the Big Brother 19 houseguests about events from this past summer. The houseguests must decide if each headline is fake or real. The houseguest with the highest number of correct answers after all seven rounds will win the next HOH.

By just one point, Alex wins the HOH competition. Immediately after winning the comp, Alex yells that this win was for Jason. Based on her reaction, it is easy to see that Alex is very happy and relieved to have won this HOH competition at such a critical time in the game.  Paul doesn’t miss the opportunity to be the first houseguest to congratulate Alex on her win.

Big Brother 19 Fake News Head of Household Competition (Week 11)

Alex wastes no time in nominating  two houseguests to the block.  This is done without conversations with any of the other houseguests.  Alex nominates Kevin and Raven to the block for the second eviction of the night.

The POV competition immediately begins which is titled ‘Lime Drop.’  The houseguests must run down their steps into a large area filled with balls, aka lemons. This area resembles a ball pit for children.  Somewhere in the pit are green limes that the houseguests must locate. Once a lime is located, the houseguest must run the lime back up the stairs and drop it into a tube. The first houseguest to drop four limes into their tube, and then push their buzzer wins the POV.

This competition is a bit trickier than it sounds. The tube the houseguests must drop their limes in off the top of their steps is barely larger than the limes themselves. This made this part of the competition very difficult.  In the end, and after about five minutes, Josh won the POV.

Big Brother 19 Week 11 Power of Veto Lime Drop-Double Evictioon

Once Josh won the POV, he announced to the houseguests that he would not be using the power to take anyone off the block. So that left Raven and Kevin on the block for the second eviction. Kevin didn’t look too surprised while Raven was barely able to hold back her tears while waiting for the votes to be read.

Paul and Christmas voted to evict Raven. Surprisingly, Josh voted to evict Kevin. Either way, Raven was the second houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 19 house last night. During Raven’s exit interview with Julie, she claimed to have no regrets in the game.  She would do it all again the exact same way.

Big Brother 19 Raven WaltonJulie announced a sneak peek of BB Comics and the Revengers. In the clip, James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Victor ArroyoCaleb Reynolds, and Frankie Grande are shown dressed as their past Big Brother comics heroes.

Tune in Sunday night to see the full clip during Big Brother.

Another major announcement from Julie was that in the winter of 2018, Big Brother Celebrity Edition will be coming to CBS. Based on information posted from CBS, this will be a concentrated season with multiple episodes each week. The celebrity edition will still feature HOH and POV comps as well as unexpected twists.

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