Big Brother Top 5 Best Players of All Time

As we look forward to the Big Brother 17 premiere coming up in just a few months, it’s a great time to look back at our favorite Big Brother alumni from seasons past!

So we decided to cobble together our very own list of who we think are the Big Brother Top 5 Best Players of seasons past. We submit them here for you to nod your head in agreement, or laugh hysterically at how deluded we are.

Once you are done with whichever reaction you choose, we encourage you to pop down to the comments section below and tell us who YOU think the best Big Brother players are in the history of the show.

Note that we are including several couples in this mix because honestly, as a team effort they were really kind of impressive in what they accomplished during their time on Big Brother (whether through game play or purely by random acts of luck), even if as individual players they were sometimes sucky.


Honorable Mentions:

Hayden Moss (for being the defacto head of the most successful BB alliance ever and winning BB12), Mike “Boogie” Malin (Dr. Will’s sidekick and a master manipulator in his own right), Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas (love Rachel or hate her, she climbed her way to the top over everyone on the back of her boy toy Brendon), Daniele Donato (another wicked manipulator), Nakomis Dedmon (she coined backdooring and her Six-Finger Plan was awesome), James Rhine (the Veto King), Danielle Reyes from Season 3 and 7, and Eric Stein from season 8.

5. Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder (BB11 and BB13)

Now, some people will actually argue that Jordan Lloyd is a terrible Big Brother player and Jeff Schroeder was so-so at best. But let’s look at the track record here. Not only did Jordan win Big Brother 11, she actually made it to 4th place on season 13 as well. With only a few little twists, Jordan or Jeff could have easily won Big Brother 13. Jordan did all this while basically just being the sweet, nice, cute girl that everyone loved — which is an accomplishment in itself considering how often BB rewards the nasty, finger-biting savages in the house. Let’s give props where props are due! As for Jeff, well, he can keep his rants and nasty comments to himself, but he was a rock for Jordan in both seasons and she wouldn’t have made it to the top without him.

4. Evel Dick Donato (BB8 and BB13)

There is no doubt that Evel Dick lucked out a lot because of America’s Player Eric, but he also had wicked strategy and he was a powerhouse in keeping him and his daughter, Danielle Donato, safe all the way to the final 2. Not only that, but he was a horrible person to pretty much everyone and STILL ended up winning. That is some serious game play. It was really too bad when he left Big Brother 13 right at the start because he probably would have done some serious damage that season. But we understand his reasons, having just been diagnosed with HIV, and wish him all the best.

3. Janelle Pierzina (BB6 and All-Stars)

For us, Janelle really deserves to be second on this list even though she never won Big Brother. Janelle was one of the most powerful and kick-ass competitors in any season of Big Brother. She defied a strong alliance, she won a hell load of competitions and she battled all the way to the final three twice despite having some heavy odds against her at various points. She won America’s Choice every time she was eligible and she won $25,000 in the America’s Choice vote. Janelle is really the best Big Brother player who never won.

2. Dan Gheesling (BB10)

Dan played it weak at first, then played for sympathy, then totally did an about-face and started winning competitions left and right to keep himself on top after teaming  up with Memphis. He knew where to play it, when to play it, and how to keep his eye on the prize. We originally had him at number three on our previous list, but Dan’s funeral in Big Brother 14 was so amazing, we almost moved him to number one. But even so, we just have to give our top spot to…

1. Dr. Will Kirby (BB2 and All-Stars)

Master of strategy and widely acknowledged by a horde of Big Brother fans as the best player in Big Brother history. He played it weak to stay safe, never won a competition, manipulated everyone, and not only won Big Brother 2, but made it to the final 4 of All-Stars as well. He is the Big Brother alumni king.

So who are your picks for the best Big Brother players of all time?

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