Big Brother 2015 Cast: Fans Want All New Faces!

An all new Big Brother 2015 cast is what the fans want if anyone out there is listening! The majority has spoken in our Big Brother Access poll, and the viewers want more new faces again this year.

Big Brother 16 Cast Houseguests

Although it is probably too late to change course now for Big Brother 17 casting if an All-Stars or Veterans show is in the works, the majority of Big Brother Access visitors have made it very clear they want newbies only for the new season.

With an astounding 43 percent, fans chose “all newbie” contestants for the Big brother 2015 cast. We have noted that in our polls every year, fans always seem to choose having an all new cast by a wide majority every time.

The second choice with 20 percent in our poll was a Big Brother All Stars season, followed by a Big Brother Heroes vs. Villains theme at 18 percent, a Blood vs. Water theme at nine percent, and mixed newbies and veterans also at nine percent.

Big Brother 2015 Cast poll

We did not poll for a Celebrity Big Brother choice for the U.S. version of the show this time around, but in previous polls fans have still always chosen a total newbie cast as the favorite pick over celebrities or former contestants of any kind.

Are you listening out there Robyn Kass?

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