Who Was Nominated For Eviction on Big Brother? 8/7/2015

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 17 in week 7? Is the new Head of Household planning for another in a long string of backdoor evictions? Or did they follow James’s footsteps last week and put their main target on the block right from the start?

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We’re hopeful that we’ll be seeing another Sixth Sense alliance member going home this week, because we have this dream of it being the season of ‘outsiders’ winning it all. Mostly because we just can’t help but like Johnny Mac, Steve, Jackie, and even basic rat fink Becky better than we like Shelli, Vanessa, Austin or the twins.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After surprising quite a few folks out there with her absolutely BeastMode win of the Head of Household Competition on Thursday night, Becky immediately started considering her eviction nominee options. We were left wondering where the hell this Becky came from after weeks of watching her do very little of interest beyond starting at cereal boxes.

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Thursday night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Becky swiftly let it be known to James, Jackie, and Meg that she wanted to target Vanessa for eviction. However, she wants to do it as a backdoor. They were all on board with this with very little arguement. The plan is to let Vanessa think that the target this week will be Shelli, as they had all ‘agreed’ on last week when everyone got together to vote out one half of the Clelli showmance.

However, Becky doesn’t want to put up Johnny Mac against Shelli as was the original plan. Instead (because she really likes Johnny Mac and is kind of sort of working with him), she wants to put Steve up as a pawn with Shelli.

The part of the plan that makes us question whether Becky really has suddenly emerged as a real player or not is the Replacement Nominee portion of the plan. Becky thinks maybe they should take Shelli down instead of Steve, putting Vanessa up against Steve.

This is a bad idea all around, but Becky thinks they can maybe get in good with Shelli. (Or at least, she thinks she can.) Problem is, Shelli could potentially work with Austin and the twins to keep Vanessa. That could mean Steve going home, when Vanessa is the one supposed to be getting chopped.

So if for some reason things don’t work out with Vanessa going up as a Replacement Nominee, then we will have Shelli versus Steve. In that case, we think Vanessa, Austin, and the twins would all still vote to keep Shelli to keep their alliance intact for now.

Steve and Shelli have both been told that they are not the main target and that Vanessa is in the bullseye. Unless, of course, someone gets picked for the Veto Ceremony, wins it, and doesn’t use the Power of Veto (like one of the twins, for example, who want to keep Vanessa). Then it’s curtains for one of them.

We’ll have the official results from the Nominations Ceremony later today, but as it stands right now, we are expecting Steve and Shelli up on the block unless something big changes between now and then.

Official results are now in, and Steve and Shelli are the nominees. Becky told Shelli after the Nomination Ceremony that if she wins the Power of Veto, she will save her rather than Steve, and put up Vanessa. Although Becky has tried to keep it in the bag, Vanessa suspects very strongly she is a backdoor target.

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