Big Brother Spoilers: Goblins Plan a Vote Flip! 8/11/2015

Oh we have some tasty Big Brother spoilers for you from the overnight hours! Looks like the grand plan to blindside one of the eviction nominees and get them out on Thursday may have totally flipped!

The Goblin alliance discusses a vote flip (CBS)

Does this mean we could potentially have a reverse blindside in the works? From what we heard last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it certainly seems so. Buckle up, Big Brother 17 fans, the road to the eviction this week is going to be a bumpy ride!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Despite their extreme joy in getting Vanessa up on the block against Shelli earlier in the day, the Goblins suddenly switched last night to being all about keeping her, rather than booting her out the door. We are somewhat dumbfounded by this turn of events (cough, production?), but it seems the Goblins now want to get rid of Shelli instead.

Like us, you are probably wondering, what? Well, if you roll the Big Brother Live Feeds back to about 1:40 AM BBT, you’ll drop into the conversation between James, Meg and Becky about how much better it will be for their game if Shelli is the one to go home.

The main argument appears to be that if they keep Shelli, she will be coming after all of them. But if they keep Vanessa, she will just be after Becky as her big target. And maybe Johnny Mac on the side. (We think they are totally crazy to think Vanessa isn’t going to go after all of them.) They also, for some crazy reason, think that Vanessa has less connections in the house than Shelli. When, of course, Vanessa is far more in right now with Austin and the twins, as well as Steve.

Big Brother 17 Goblins

They start vote counting and they think they can make this whole vote flip happen. They are all worked up over Shelli being a threat, especially how she won two Head of Household Competitions! Um, Goblins, are you capable of counting how many times Vanessa has been in the HoH room?

For some reason, they think they can actually convince Becky that this is the way to go, despite how hard she has been gunning against Vanessa all week. If not, will they be willing to defy her to try to flip the vote anyway? Well, that should be very interesting to watch and see on the Live Feeds.

So keep those Feeds on today and keep watching, because the drama around this week’s eviction is FAR from over yet!

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