Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 2 Competition Results (08/12/23)

Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony

The Big Brother 25 Head of Household has set his target. However, this week’s Power of Veto player selection has not gone in his favor. They mainly consist of allies of his target. However, they may not be willing to save her. 

Most of the morning before this week’s Power of Veto competition has been discussions on the Veto and plans for it. Head of Household Hisam really wants to evict Reilly this week. He sees her as a threat to his game, not only as someone who could potentially target him but as someone who is good at competitions.

He nominated Cameron next to Reilly, but he seems set on keeping him in the game as a potential ally. However, Hisam may have to question his decision to keep Cameron if the Veto changes the nominations and Reilly ends up safe. This has become a huge possibility because Matt, America, and Blue were all picked to play in the Veto competition.

They are all part of the Family Style alliance with Reilly. They should want to take her off the block…but that may not be the case. Blue and Jag discussed keeping Reilly on the block and just trying to evict Cameron instead.

They think this move to respect Hisam’s nominations may build goodwill with him. America has also told people that she would not use the Veto to save Reilly. Therefore, Matt and Reilly may be the only Veto players willing to save her with it. 

Additionally, Hisam wants to try to convince Matt to not use it to save Reilly. If Reilly comes off the block this week, then Hisam has already discussed possibly taking out Matt. If Matt wins and saves Reilly, then Hisam may have to rethink his whole week.

However, he has spoken to Red about nominating Blue and evicting Blue this week if Reilly comes off the Block. Jag has been exempt because of the new twists that sent different players to the Nether Region all week.



Hisam won the Veto.

Hisam winning three competitions back to back has to grow his target. His goal this week is to get Reilly out of the game, but her side wants to keep her. Therefore, we may see some flipping back and forth this week, but as of now, Reilly will be the second houseguest evicted if things don’t change by Thursday.


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