Big Brother 25 Episode 5 Recap: Nether Gorgon Strikes & New HOH

Last week on Big Brother 25, the new houseguests got straight to business with forming alliances and targeting those who would not help their game. HOH Reilly Smedley had Felicia Cannon and Kirsten Elwin on the block for eviction. Hisam Goueli won the Power of Veto and decided to let the houseguests decide their fate.

BB25 Hisam Goueli

At the first Big Brother 25 live eviction, the house unanimously voted to evict Kirsten from the house. Reilly targeted Kirsten from the beginning because of her aggressive play style. She wasn’t helped by the fact that she was caught making several alliances in the house, either. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned!

Big Brother Week Two Head of Household Competition

The multi-verse is in full swing and captured the entire BB25 house and transported them into the nether region by the scary-verse. They will compete in the nether region for HOH. Everyone will go back into the Big Brother house except one, who will stay in the nether region for an undetermined time. SPOOKY!

Reilly was advised by the master of the Nether Region, Gorgon, to flee immediately or be stuck in the Nether Region forever. She can’t compete in this week’s HOH as the outgoing winner.

The Nether Gorgon will give the houseguests clues as to where to hide before he attacks certain areas in the Nether Region. When he attacks, those in the area will be eliminated from the competition. The last two players standing will become either the HOH or the person captured in the Nether Region.

BB25 Nether Region

With such a split house right now, winning this competition is critical to save the two main alliances in the Big Brother house. After the first round, three houseguests are eliminated. Five houseguests are eliminated in the second round.

In the final round, only Jared Fields and Hisam are left standing in the competition. One will become HOH, and the other will be kept in the Nether Region. Hisam won the competition leaving Jared in the Nether Region.

BB25 HOH Competition Aftermath

Hisam declares immediately that his number one target this week is Reilly. She made it clear to Hisam last week that she could potentially target him. Reilly is bestfriends with Matt Klotz. Hisam pulls Matt into the HOH room and tells him Reilly is his target full, knowing that they are working together. He also told him he knows about their 8-person alliance. Matt did deny and lie to Hisam that the alliance had been named.


After a day or so in the Nether Region, Jared returned to the Big Brother 25 house. He brought with him a note from Nether Gorgon. He wants more souls in the Nether Region throughout the week. Depending on the timing, this could be good or bad for the houseguest’s game.

Nether Gorgon has demanded that Jared pick one player to send to the area. This person will miss the nomination ceremony and can not be nominated for eviction this week. Him/Her will be safe.

Hisam knows this could really mess with his target for the week. He spoke with Jared and asked that he not pick Reilly, Matt, or Cameron Hardin for safety. Reilly did her best to convince Jared to keep her safe by sending her to the Nether Region.

In the end, Jared picked Jag Bains to enter the Nether Region this week. He will be safe from eviction.

Week Two Nomination Ceremony

At the Nomination Ceremony, Hisam picked Reilly and Cameron for possible eviction from the Big Brother 25 house this week. Hisam told everyone he was playing a straightforward, loyal game of integrity. If Reilly does not get taken off the block with the POV, she looks like the next Big Brother 25 casualty.


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