The Challenge USA Episode 2 Recap: Double Elimination Tonight

The second night of the Challenge USA premier continues this evening and will decide the fate of the first elimination of the season. The blue team won the first challenge and was safe from elimination. The blue team chose Ameerah Jones and Luis Colón for possible elimination this evening after they decided to target the green team.

Challenge USA

A secret vote twist emerges, and those names will be added to the hopper, where two random names will be drawn. If a female name is chosen, they will compete against Ameerah. If a male name is chosen from the hopper, they will compete against Luis. Who will be the first reality star to end their fight for $250,000?

The Challenge USA First Elimination Round

Ameerah will compete against Michele Fitzgerald to fight to stay in the game tonight. This competition is called Slam Dunked, and here is how it works. There are two tanks of water holding 1,500 balls each. Both opponents will be suspended above those tanks.

Upon command, the girls will be dropped into the tanks and tasked with removing as many of the balls from the tanks as they can and as fast as they can. The catch is that they will continually be pulled up and down from their tanks (a total of 15 times), making it that much more difficult to remove the balls.

Challenge USA Elimination

The competition started, and both competitors wanted to win this badly. After 15 dunks, the competition is over. After a thorough count of the removed balls from each tank, Michele removed 1,319 balls, and Ameerah removed 1,301 balls. Ameerah is eliminated.

Michele not only gets to stay in the game, but she wins the Power of Defection. She can switch places with any other female in the game and on any other team. She chose to go back with the red team.

The Challenge USA Second Challenge Round

This competition is called Working the Poles. A gigantic structure placed 35 feet above the water has three different colored platforms representing each team. The teams must use the poles to cross across the structure to their other platform. Things will get crazy in the middle as they must share poles. The team with the most successful teammates crossing the platform wins the competition.

Working the Poles

This challenge is played in two different heats. After the first heat, the green team has three points, the blue team has two points, and the red team has no points. After the second heat, the final scores were the red team had two points, the blue team had two points, and the green team had four points. The green team won the challenge and is safe from elimination.

The green team picked Tori Deal and Bananas for possible elimination. The blue and red teams will individually vote in secrecy for whom they want to compete to stay. Their votes were as follows:

Paulie received two votes
Alyssa L received one vote
Dusty received three votes
Alyssa S. received two votes
Sebastian received one vote
Cory received two votes
Jonna received five votes

Those votes will be placed into the hopper. The ball chosen will face either Tori or Bananas for elimination tonight. The ball chosen was Jonna. She will face off against Tori, which means one of the Challenge veterans will be sent home tonight.

The Challenge USA Second Elimination Round

This competition is called Drop the Ball. There is a machine with 60 balls that resembles the Plinko board in the Price is Right. Competitors must catch the balls as they roll down the machine and place them into the goal.

The Challenge USA

The black balls are worth one point, and silver balls are worth three points. The competitors can wrestle each other for the balls. Once they touch the ground, the ball is out of play. In the end, Tori beat Jonna’s ass…plain and simple. The final score was 29 to 15.

As the winner, Tori decided to stay with her blue team. Join us again Thursday, August 17th at 10 PM for the next episode recap of the Challenge USA.


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