The Challenge USA: Episode 9 Eliminations

Last week, a Big Brother alumnus was saved from elimination in the game with a stellar performance in the infamous Hall Brawl arena competition. Enzo Palumbo was pitted against Leo Temory from the Amazing Race. Enzo came out on top and saved his game.

The Challenge USA Sarah

Big Brother alumni numbers had been declining for several consecutive weeks. With the save last week, 4 Big Brother alumni are currently left competing in The Challenge USA. Will the Big Brother team be able to all stay in the game this week? Let’s find out now.

Week 9 Main Challenge

This week’s main challenge is called Collect Four, which is the first single female elimination challenge. The competition starts with the players running up into the stands of a stadium and finding their designated color tokens. Once found, they will bring them down and place them on their boards which are similar to BINGO boards. The goal is to collect four tokens in a row.

The catch is that any player can throw down their token on another player’s token to block their path to completion. This will make it much more difficult for the targeted player to complete their board of Collect Four. The players may only bring down only one token at a time.

The first player to collect four tokens in a row wins this competition. The last to finish will be sent to the arena to fight for their lives later in the evening.

The Challenge USA

Angela Rummans from Big Brother devised a plan to block Sarah Lucina from Survivor. Several players are playing with Angela and scheming against Sarah in this competition. Sarah was not handling this well and kept asking other players to help her block Angela in retaliation.

Angela et al. were successful, and Sarah finished last after being blocked on her game board. She will go into the arena to earn her money and try to save her game.

Danny McCray and Desi Williams from Survivor won the competition. They will ultimately pick who Sarak will face in the arena. Sarah wants to face off against Angela or Alyssa Lopez, both from Big Brother.

Week 9 Arena Competition

This competition is the first female elimination challenge. Sarah lost the main challenge and will play against whomever Danny and Desi chose for her to play against. They chose Cashay Proudfoot from Love Island.

Tonight’s arena competition is called In A Roll. Each player will take off running in what looks like a giant hamster wheel. There are 300 feet of rope attached to their wheel and a ball. The first player to get to the ball first wins that round. The first player with 2 wins will stay in the game while the other will be eliminated.

Sarah won the first round quite easily. Sarah also won the second round, but that win was not so close as the first. Regardless, Sarah was the winner and will stay in the game while Cashay was eliminated.

Join us again next week for another episode of The Challenge USA recap.

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