Big Brother 24 Episode 23 Recap: Michael Saves His Game But Ends Kyle’s?

Matt Turner won his second Head of Household for the Big Brother 24 season. He was literally aligned with every houseguest as he is in the two house alliances, the Leftovers, and the Afterparty. Now, he will have to show his cards when he lands on a final target this week.


He nominated Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale from the Leftovers to the block for eviction in the Big Brother 24 house. He blamed the recently evicted Joseph Abdin for these nominations stating that Joe gave him information about their 3-person alliance.  His real target is Michael Bruner, who is a huge threat in the game. Who will win the Power of Veto and save their game?

Week 8 Block Nominations Aftermath

Taylor was devastated over what Turner revealed at the nominations ceremony about why she is on the block. She doesn’t understand why he went to such great lengths to protect her, only to throw her and Brittany under the bus.

Brittany was so upset that she stormed to the HOH room and swore that was a lie. Turner told her to relax because she was not his target this week, and he left it at that.

BB24 Brittany Matt

The Afterparty alliance is pretending to bring Monte Taylor into their game just to keep him close to the vest. Their strong allegiance is to the 4 members of the Afterparty. End of story.

If his plans to backdoor Michael this week doesn’t work out, Turner made sure he was still on good terms with him this week after 2 of his closest allies ended up on the block. Michael followed what Turner was saying but did not feel safe this week.

Week 8 Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Turner, Brittany, and Taylor, Alyssa Snider, Monte, and Michael were picked to play in the POV this week. This means the only houseguests that won’t be playing in this POV competition are Kyle Capener and Terrance Higgins.

Billy Eichner made a video appearance in the Big Brother 24 house to announce his new rom-com movie, Bros. The winner of the POV competition will win a private movie screening with 3 of his closest friends.

This veto competition is called Pride Slide. This is the Big Brother infamous slip and slide competition. Players must transport Bro rosè from one end of the slippery ramp to the other. The first to completely fill their container with rosè wins the golden power of veto. Let’s begin.


Not surprisingly, Michael is off to an early lead in the competition. He has won 4 previous POV competitions. Turner is the only one near him with a remote chance of winning this competition. In the end, Michael won without much of a challenge.

Michael chose to take Alyssa, Turner, and Taylor with him to watch the movie. He wanted to work on cultivating new relationships.

Big Brother Houseguest Brings Serious Matter To Light

Michael and Brittany approached Taylor and Monte with some unnerving information about Kyle. Earlier in the season, Kyle felt there was another cookout 2.0 alliance in the Big Brother house. In response, he suggested that his fellow houseguests come together with their race members to counterbalance their move.

Taylor and Monte really didn’t know how to handle the information. They were visibly upset with this information. They gave their support and approval for Michael and Brittany to share the info with HOH Turner.

Before speaking with Turner, Michael spoke with Kyle’s showmance partner Alyssa. She admitted that she was very confused with the information and was quite speechless.

BB24 Michael Alyssa

Last but not least, Michael spoke with Turner about the situation. Turner was glad they came to him with the info.

Meanwhile, Kyle suspected something was up in the Big Brother house. He went to Alyssa, and she told him what was happening with the current situation and accusations. He broke down in the diary room.

Footage from the house meeting will be shown in the next episode. Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, September 1, at 9 PM EST.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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