Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Monday Report – 8/24/2015

The Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds have been flying fast and furious as the eviction nominees pull out all the stops to avoid going home this week. It’s a mad scramble inside the Big Brother 17 house to figure out who the real target for eviction will be on Thursday. Houseguests are spilling information all over the place in an effort to jockey for position. It’s crazy in there!

Vanessa keeps working every angle (CBS)

Way too much loose talk is going on and it’s going to come back to bite some of these players in tender places. Even when you are totally desperate to save yourself, there are some things that you should probably keep your lips zipped about — or you could end up sinking your ship even faster than it was before.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Johnny Mac and Steve both know they could easily be the next out the door if they don’t somehow manage to get off the block. But will the Vanessa, the Power of Veto holder, listen to what they have to say and save one of them?

Vanessa is safe and can’t go up as a Replacement Nominee even if she does use the PoV, but she’s all about what’s best for her own game. Right now, having Steve and Johnny Mac filling her up with all the info she can manipulate out of them is good for her. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to reward either one of them with a PoV save. Especially if she thinks it’s better for her if one of them goes home.

Big Brother Live Feeds – Monday Overnight

12:00 AM BBT: Liz, Austin, Meg and James talk in the Head of Household room. Meg is worried about the target changing. Meg throws Johnny Mac under the bus and says he has been trying to get Vanessa to turn on her. Austin says she doesn’t have to worry, she is not going up on the block. Austin says that he put Steve up on the block with Johnny Mac because he was so insistent on not being up there with him. James says f*cking Johnny Mac needs punching in the face. Meg says that Jason told her they needed to get Shelli and Steve out.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 24

Meanwhile, Steve tells Vanessa that Austin and Liz are up in the HoH talking to James and Meg. He says they need to get in with whomever comes back from the Jury house. They hug. Vanessa says maybe she can use the Power of Veto on him and put either James or Meg up. Steve doesn’t think Austin would go with it.

Steve leaves, Julia comes in. Vanessa says she is clueless about what is happening. She tells Julia that she thinks she can trust James for one week and he said he would go after Jackie if she came back in the house. Julia does not believe this is true. Julia says that of course if she ends up in final three with Austin, she would take her sister over Austin and vice-versa. Vanessa says if they get James out, there would be more targets in the house. Julia says Austin would be angry and Vanessa says she won’t use it without his approval.

James comes in and says Johnny Mac lied to Austin before the HoH Comp saying that James was going to throw the comp to him. He says that didn’t happen at all.

12:35 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Johnny Mac if he had any deals about the HoH and he says yes. He says both Austin and James said they would throw the HoH to him. Johnny swears this happened. Vanessa says James swears that never happened. Johnny Mac says everyone wanted Vanessa out and that he could target her and not get blood on their hands.

Vanessa goes back and talks to James again and tells him what Johnny Mac said. James swears again he never said he would throw the HoH Comp to Johnny Mac with the intention of getting her out. He says he would have told Meg about this if it had because he tells her everything.

12:45 AM BBT: James confronts Johnny Mac outside about what he told Vanessa. Johnny Mac says everyone was with the plan to get Vanessa out and he said he would throw the HoH to him if it came down to it. Austin also said the same thing. James says he wouldn’t throw HoH to anyone and he would have no problem putting someone up and getting blood on his own hands. James says he doesn’t remember ever saying that to him. Johnny Mac says it happened and Austin said it to.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 24

12:50 AM BBT: Interrupting some great game talk going around, the Houseguests have been given a card that tells them the fans want them to play Hide and Seek. (Live Feeds subscriber’s vote.) Yawn. So they do that for a while.

1:40 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin about her talks with Johnny Mac and James. She thinks both of them come across like they are telling the truth. Austin wants Johnny Mac to be the one to go out this week. Vanessa agrees with this and says she thinks Steve will be easier to control.

1:55 AM BBT: Austin gets with Steve to tell him that at this point it looks like the nominations will stay the same and Vanessa will not use the Power of Veto. So this means that Johnny Mac will be the target to go out.

2:00 AM BBT: Steve tells the Goblins (Meg and James) that Vanessa, Austin and the twins are a powerful force in the house. Steve doesn’t want to talk about it any more though and talk gets random for a bit.

Once Steve isn’t with them, Meg and James debate if they should tell Austin what Steve said. Finally they decide they should and go inform Austin. Brilliant. Go tell the power group that you know more info about them than you probably should, instead of maybe gaining a new alliance member, and make yourself even juicer future targets. So they tell Austin that Steve was talking about him and the twins as a power force but they forget to mention Vanessa being included in that. Sigh, that at least might have been more helpful.

Up in the Head of Household room, Austin, Vanessa and the twins talk about Steve and how he’s going to scamper around all night about him being on the block with Johnny Mac. Austin says he thinks that John and Steve are the best two to have up there right now. He says they can only hope Steve will be loyal if he stays.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 24

3:00 AM BBT: Austin is pissed off at Steve for talking about him and the twins. He says that was a big mistake and tells Liz that Steve “gone now.” They talk about whether or not they should get Steve out over Johnny Mac instead. Liz is worried, however, that if he comes back from Jury he’ll go after them right away. Austin says well, he could go after them if he stays too. They don’t get why Steve is doing this right now when they thought they had everything locked up with him.

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