Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Monday Report – 8/24/2015

Big Brother Live Feeds – Monday Morning

9:40 AM BBT: Wake up time in the house and they are quick to get back into the game talk this morning. Meg and James already talking about earlier rumors James might be backdoored. However, they are feeling pretty good right now because James doesn’t think Austin would do that at this point.

10:00 AM BBT: Johnny Mac goes up to the HoH room and talks with Austin and Liz, who is of course all up in the bed with Austin. Austin is not happy because Johnny Mac told James that Austin also said he would throw the HoH Comp. Now he says James is suspicious of him. He says he will talk to Vanessa later about the Power of Veto and see what she wants to do with it. He says it’s all just a messy situation.

Johnny Mac says that if he stays, he would put up whoever is left (James or Meg) and whoever comes back from Jury. Austin says Vanessa needs to hear that and Johnny Mac should talk to her. John leaves. Austin tells Liz that they can’t send Steve out because that would just mean more people after them. But if they sent out Johnny Mac, Steve might stay loyal.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 24

10:15 AM BBT: Johnny Mac tells Steve that it isn’t looking good about Vanessa using the Power of Veto. John asks Steve if the others are pissed at him. Steve says he doesn’t know and he doesn’t know what is going on, but he doesn’t think Vanessa will use the PoV. Johnny Mac says then it will be Steve who stays because he is way closer to the others.

10:20 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that Austin doesn’t want her to use the Veto. John says Vanessa is at the bottom of the group whether he stays or not. He says they had a five person alliance with him last week to get her out. Him, Austin, Steve, and the twins. He says they only changed the plan because she won Power of Veto. Vanessa says if she uses the PoV, she can’t get the votes and has no control.

John leaves, Austin comes in and tells Vanessa what Steve said about him and the twins being a power force in the house. He also says that Johnny Mac only started sucking up to her after she won Veto.

10:30 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Liz if there was a five person alliance to get her out. Liz says no and she doesn’t know why Johnny Mac would be saying that. Vanessa grills her and says she knows she was a target, but was there a five person alliance. Julia comes in and is listening but doesn’t join in. Liz says well Steve had this idea and wanted to get Johnny Mac into it. She says they made a stupid deal. Liz says Steve and Johnny Mac are tight.

Vanessa is pissed and says she can’t believe all this was going on. Liz says Johnny mac was a frontrunner on it and so she doesn’t know why he would tell Vanessa this. Vanessa says Liz just said it was Steve who was the frontrunner. Liz says yeah, he wanted Johnny Mac in on it. Liz says she never wanted Vanessa out. Vanessa says f*ck Steve, she wants him gone and he is a disloyal f*ck.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 24

10:45 AM BBT: Steve tries to be friendly with Vanessa and she snaps at him. He asks if he shouldleave her alone and she says yes she does, very snarky.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Liz is cursing Johnny Mac in the most nasty ways imaginable. She is really out of it mad. Julia tells her she needs to calm down.

10:55 AM BBT: Vanessa promises to Austin and Liz that she’s not angry with them. She says they had every right not to trust her, but Steve didn’t. She’s all kinds of crazy mad about Steve and wants him gone, gone, gone.

11:00 AM BBT: Austin blows off the whole five person alliance thing with Vanessa. He says it was BS that there was an ‘alliance’ and that Steve said John doesn’t even like the word. Vanessa, Liz, and Austin make fun of Steve, calling him a computer. Vanessa now thinks Steve is the one who headed this whole five person alliance to get her out, when it was really Austin.

Meg tells James that she thinks John and Steve went to Austin and the twins to try to make an alliance with them. Meg feels really confused. Meanwhile, Steve tries to get Austin to be honest with him about what is going on. Austin just says to keep calm and chill out.

11:15 AM BBT: Live Feeds go to highlights for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

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