Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Den of Temptation-Halting Hex Winner Revealed

A few hours ago, CBS concluded voting for the last Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation reward. This week’s reward, the Halting Hex, provides one player with the power to stop a Big Brother 19 eviction. The winner of this prize can use it within the next four Big Brother 2017 live evictions. Big brother 19 Den of Temptation Julie Chen

There was a lot of speculation about whether it counts for this week’s Big Brother 19 eviction, or starts next week. Since it seems like Big Brother held the Den of Temptation reveal today, we suspected that it would work for this week’s eviction and the next three. For the last two weeks, Big Brother 19 fans have been campaigning for their favorite to win this final vote.

Originally, Alex Ow was projected to be the winner, because she had the majority on most major Big Brother 19 Halting Hex polls. This made sense considering Alex’s former popularity. Her popularity has decreased among the Big Brother social media fans, but she still seems fairly popular with the only CBS Big Brother episode viewers.

For drama, many Big Brother 19 fans rallied behind giving Jessica Graf the Halting Hex. This was a strong contingent for awhile. Then Dominique Cooper became the Big Brother 2017 week 3 target, and her fans have been pushing very hard to get Dominique the win. The media has even gotten involved with an earlier incident, which has given Dominique a little more name recognition.

So going into today’s Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation Halting Hex reveal, we had no clue who would get it. However now we know the name of the Halting Hex winner. Read below to find out who won the last Den of Temptation: Halting Hex on Big Brother?

Major Spoiler Ahead. Proceed with Caution.


Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

Tonight, we saw the Den of Temptation play out on the Big Brother 19 episode, and it revealed that….Jessica Graf won it. Jessica is on the block, so will she use it to save herself?

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