Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Last Night? 7/20/2017

Since Friday, Big Brother 19’s Dominique Cooper has been looking for a miracle to save her game and expose her enemies. She sees that Paul Abrahamian is a snake within the Big Brother 2017 game, but no one else believes her. Dominique even lost her closest ally, Mark Jansen, while trying to prove that Paul couldn’t be trusted.

Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper

Josh Martinez and Jessica Graf were the only Big Brother 2017 players who made some effort to interact with Dominique and not demonize her. Dominique chose to stay away from most of the Big Brother 19 houseguests. She read her bible most of the week.

Dominique’s lack of campaigning made it nearly impossible for her to stay in the Big Brother 19 house. However, nothing is impossible if you believe hard enough. If Dominique did get a Big Brother 2017 miracle, it would come in the form of the Halting Hex, which stops one live eviction within the next four weeks.

So did Dominique get the Big Brother 19 Halting Hex? And did she use it to save herself from eviction this week? Or did she become the fourth person evicted from the Big Brother 2017 house, will she face off against either Cody Nickson, Jillian Parker, or Cameron Heard on Friday’s episode?



Josh voted to evict Dominique

Kevin voted to evict Dominique

Mark voted to evict Dominique

Raven voted to evict Dominique

Matt voted to evict Dominique

Jason voted to evict Dominique

Elena voted to evict Dominique

Paul voted to evict Dominique

Ramses voted to evict Dominique

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf

No Dominique did not have the Halting Hex, Jessica did, and chose not to use it. Dominique Cooper was evicted from the Big Brother 19 house.

Tomorrow, someone may reenter the Big Brother 2017 house. It could be a crazy week, so make sure to sign up for Big Brother 19 Live Feeds for all the action!

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