Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Scottie Plots Revenge Against Haleigh

This week in the Big Brother 20 house, the show could turn into Revenge of the Nerds 5: Scottie’s Revenge. In this edition, Scottie Salton is infatuated with the beautiful college junior, Haleigh Broucher. Haleigh and Scottie have a strong bond but her meathead boyfriend, Faysal Shafaat, wants the nerd away from his girl. Instead of protecting her friend, Haleigh lets Faysal nominate him for eviction.

Big Brother 20-Scottie Salton

This blindside causes Scottie to morph from nerd into angry and confused Big Brother player. Scottie teams up with former douchey jock now lone wolf, Brett Robinson. Along with the offbeat country girl, Sam Bledsoe, they plot revenge against Faysal and Haleigh.

This week, Scottie found himself questioning everything Haleigh ever told him. Last night, after spending most of the day cleaning up the house from the Big Brother 20 Zingbot Hide-N-Go Veto competition, Scottie started to really unleash about what happened this week. In the backyard, Sam and Scottie,around 11:35pm BBT, start a long conversation. At first it starts with Sam letting Scottie rant about what all just happened.

Then Sam starts proposing that maybe Brett will save Scottie with his Veto. Brett randomly decided to go out in the backyard just when all this starts. Sam asks Brett if he plans to use the Veto on Scottie. Brett of course says no way in hell. The talk continues with Scottie getting more and more upset.

He can’t believe that Faysal and Haleigh played him. He repeats that Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans were right when they told him that Haleigh and Faysal couldn’t be trusted. Sam mentions that she doesn’t really believe Haleigh was the hacker. This makes Scottie feel like he was completely lied to, and that Haleigh was using him the whole time.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Eventually, Brett joins the conversation. He adds some more insight into what he believes happened. He said that he also doesn’t believe Haleigh was the hacker. He thinks Bayleigh Dayton was, and claiming Haleigh was the hacker was a last ditch effort to save herself. However, if Haleigh was the hacker, he doesn’t believe she saved Scottie because she was trying to protect him.


Brett believes that Haleigh saved Scottie over Angie “Rockstar” Lantry because Tyler had a better chance at getting evicted against Rockstar, who hasn’t won any competitions. Tyler versus Scottie made the eviction more unpredictable. Brett also revealed that he thought the vote was just an excuse for Faysal to nominate them. He believed that Faysal just wanted to get rid of any male that was friends with Haleigh.

Sam continued to throw Haleigh’s name in the mud to Brett and Scottie. She also suggested that she had more influence over Faysal than Haleigh. She strongly believed that she could convince Faysal to nominate Haleigh as the replacement. Brett continued to tell them that that was not possible. He even bet that he would smoke an entire pack of cigarettes if Sam made this proposed plan come true.

Big Brother 20

Scottie seemed to lose all sense of reason as well. He encouraged Sam to talk to Faysal, and get her to get him to nominate Haleigh. Scottie said he would also put the nail in Haleigh’s game by telling Faysal about his final two deal with her. He would also make his whole Power of Veto ceremony speech about Haleigh and her shady game. He hoped this would anger Faysal into not trusting Haleigh, and put her on the block.

Sam and Scottie even talked about lying to Faysal. They wanted to make him believe that Haleigh had said she would target Faysal in her all girls alliance. This plan to target Haleigh is supposed to start today in the Big Brother 20 house and continue tomorrow. Watch for this plan to start today.

We don’t expect it to work but it’ll be interesting to see Faysal’s reaction to all of this, and to see if it changed the replacement nominee from Kaycee Clark to Sam.

If Scottie was being less emotional, he should take this information that he got got from Sam, and use it against her. He should tell Faysal that Sam really has it out for Haleigh. He should then propose a truce, and really highlight that they both have Haleigh’s interest at heart. They need to protect her from Sam.

He then should tell Tyler and Angela about how Sam really doesn’t like Angela as well, and how Sam was also throwing Tyler under the bus some too. He should also say how he doesn’t trust Haleigh and Faysal now, and want to target them. He would have Brett as a backup character witness to all Sam’s antics, how Scottie is really against Haleigh now, and how Scottie wants to work with Tyler going forward. This might be enough to get Tyler and Angela to vote Sam out. It would be a hard sell but way more likely than Haleigh going on the block.

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